Saturday, May 19, 2018

Do You Switch?

Do you switch your fruits in the supermarket?  I'm not talking loose fruits like tomatoes or avacados - I'm talking fruits that are packaged - in clamshells - like strawberries.  

While Jonah and I were just in the local supermarket, I watched a lady who had strawberries laid out on top of all of the other clamshells and was picking the best ones for her clamshell.  Wouldn't you want to go to a farm to pick your own if this is your mission?  It's like taking a bouquet of flowers from the floral section apart and only taking the daises or the roses and leaving all the other "leftovers" or "bad" ones for someone else. 

In NJ, we are just coming in to strawberry season.  However, it's been wet lately.  I'm talking Seattle wet.  It's been raining here since Tuesday and *might* clear up tomorrow (for the day) leaving us humid and hot but not to worry, it's going to rain again on Monday and Tuesday.  While this does wreak havoc on the berries and the farms and *maybe* this woman couldn't get to the farm for fresh picking because of the rain, mud and berries coming in late ... but I guess I'm just surprised.  I didn't know that mix and matching out of a clamshell is allowed.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Key West, Florida Anyone?

Tell me everything you know about traveling to Key West, Florida! 

We are currently on the search for a couples ("couple") destination for a long weekend away. 

Have you been to Key West?  Where have you stayed?  Where have you heard is fabulous? 

How do you get there?  Do you fly?  Do you drive?  Do you do both?  Will we need a car there or is Uber an okay alternative? 

Monday, May 14, 2018


I have to admit, I love to watch the hummingbirds in our back yard.  Ours aren't the tame ones that my sister in law has though.  Ours are pretty aggressive towards each other and afraid of us, even though we're out there near their feeders ... a lot.

One issue that we have year after year with our feeders is that they get full of ants and hornets, but ants especially.  Someone introduced me to an insect guard that you connect to the top of your feeder in order to keep the ants (especially) out!  I found a two pack on Amazon (Insect Guard for Hummingbird Feeder) for very inexpensive!  I've also found on Amazon (Parasol Ant Moat)

I think, because it's my birthday today, I'm going to go all out and buy one of each of those and two of these (Antique Looking Hummingbird Feeder).  Those will fill up the remaining hooks on our Shepard's posts - and hopefully keep the hummingbirds nicer and well fed out of feeders that are free from pests!!

(Amazon affiliate links included)