Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mid November Update

Many things have happened since I've last visited my blog:
SweeTart's Baptism; Halloween; work on kitchen; more stuff but I can't remember off the top of my head right now. I will post pictures of everything as a separate entry.

SweeTart did wonderfully at her baptism. Our family and friends nearly filled half of the church up at our early service. I make that statement because there are generally only 10-15 people at our early service. It was a nice sight. SweeTart was a trooper throughout the entire service and put on quite a performance when it was her turn to shine. She didn't make any sounds, just looked out over all of the congregation with an attentiveness like I've never seen before. She was happy to be in the spotlight. Not a sound came out of her either when the Pastor took her to pour the holy water on her head. Quite a gal she is!

Halloween was the following weekend. Following tradition, we invited practically everyone over for pizza and trick or treating in our development. It went extra quick this year because we missed the cul de sac and only did our circle. The kids took the lead and there were so many of them that I couldn't keep track. Good thing at least one parent from each family walked with us so they kept tabs on their own. I had Nanny Extraordinaire with me so I could keep track of just ... SweeTart (who fell asleep in her stroller). :-) Aunt Karen made the girls their tutu skirts for their candy corn fairy princess costumes. They were so cute!!! Twinkletoes loved her outfit but hated her shoes because I got her shiny silver ballerina flats that were so slippery it was a sin. Plus she was running to keep up and running in slippery shoes plus autumn leaves on the ground do not make too safe of an environment. DinoBoy was a soldier this year. Desert colored camo outfit but his face was green and black camo. It was the best I could do. He didn't wear the helmet I searched high and low for and even paid extra t have it shipped quickly. Oh well. It was fun!!! Next year, same time, same place. Be here or be .... where ever we are living then? *giggle*

Kitchen. I have running water, a fridge in my kitchen and a working stovetop. Yay!!!! Bad news is the oven isn't quite working yet. A repair man is coming out on Friday. Yes, you heard it right. A repair man. I haven't even used the oven so it can't be my fault!!! I think, after that oven issue is fixed, we'll only need to get the repair guy here for the dryboard and then the painter and we're done? Ok, we won't have our new kitchen table yet but who cares?? We have a kitchen and our old table (which is still perfect in everyway, except it doesn't match the kitchen.) (Beggars can't be choosy now, can they?)

Tomorrow, I will make it a point to get the pictures posted in a slide show of sorts. Toodles!