Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowy Boggle Thursday



For the specific rules to Boggle, please go here. But remember, this is for fun; there are no points, no winner or losers!

If you don't have a blog, feel free to list your words in the comments.

For an added twist, when you're done, write a sentence with as many of the words you found as you can!

Please remember to visit fellow Bogglers... part of the fun is seeing what words others found!

Ready! Set! Go!
I got ....
rung, runt, gnat, too, fat, fats, fast, fan, sat, nag, nags, sag, tag, tags, fag, lung, nun, nuns, sung, sang, tang, runs, run, got, tans, tan, fast, too, ... i am not good at this in the early monring hours. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In a World Full of Left Socks ..

This weekend, we decided that SweeTart needed new shoes.  We also had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in our pocket - and Twink wanted to go to the "Justice" store to get new clothes.  Both girls are growing as quickly as weeds so we decided that we'd head over to the stores after we finished with Church services on Sunday. 

We headed to Justice first since SweeTart had fallen asleep during the car ride over.  Only Twink and I went into the store, leaving the boys to watch over SweeTart.  We weren't in the store too long, but it was exhausting. Twink likes everything.  Everything bright, everything tie-dyed, everything glittery, everything with monkeys on it ... you get the idea.  She was having a terrible time picking out just a few items.  Even with 40% off, we still were spending a fortune.  Anyhoo - we finally get up to the register with our goodies and the cashier tells us that if we grab two more packs of socks, we'll get one of them for free.  They're all the same price so it isn't supposed to matter which ones we grab.  The display with the socks is about 10 paces behind me, and there is a line behind me as well, so I run back to to the sock display, grab two packages of socks - one stripes and one with soccer balls - and give them to the cashier.   Twink is happier than I've seen her in a long time because we've done something just for her - and we head out to the truck. 

All is good out in the truck.  SweeTart is awake and the boys are restless.  Off to Stride Rite we go.  We are next in line to be helped in that store when SweeTart decides to tell us "pee pee".  What?  She pooped in the store?  Nope, she peed out of her diaper!!!  Ugh.  I sent DinoBoy to the truck to get the diaper bag, explain to the clerk that we've had an accident and I need whatever they have to clean it up and I proceed to change her right in the middle of the store.  Not a big deal for me but if anyone else came into the store a the time, they might have been appalled.  I made sure to disinfect the stool where I changed her when I was done (no worries - your children are safe!)  Both girls enjoyed trying shoes on and we wound up going home with two new pairs of sneaks - one for each girl. 

Later, when Twink and I were putting her new clothes away, I started to clean out her sock drawer to make room for the new socks we brought home.  After there was a little bit of room in the drawer, I opened the package of white socks, the package of striped socks and the soccer ball socks.  But wait ... the package of soccer ball socks only has three socks.  Yes, you heard me right.  Three.  And, get this, none of them match one another.  I look closely - there wasn't another pack that fell off anywhere - I said something to Twink.  She laughed at me and said "it's okay, they're mix and match socks.  they're not supposed to come in pairs."  Um, hello, I just spent money for three left socks??  I probably have 100 left socks down in the laundry room.  Someone is making a killing on a problem that we've all had for years - left socks.  I'm not really keen on the idea of mismatched socks - it actually irritates me to no end.  Why in the bejeezus would you wear mismatched socks on purpose?  Twink has worn them - and LOVED them - so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy her happiness in her new clothes.  I love shoes - she apparently loves socks.  She takes after her Aunt.  *smiles*

Friday, February 19, 2010

How hard can it be?

Honestly, how hard can it be?  To what, you ask?  To get my lazy arse out of bed early each morning to get said lazy (and fat) arse moving ... exercising ... walking ... something.  But, even though I am motivated all day long to get up early each morning, I just haven't been able to do it on these cozy winter mornings.  I mean, really, who wants to get up out of a nice snuggle with the hubby?  And then the question arises ... do I have my coffee before or after my .... exercise?  Typically, I've been trudging down the stairs after hitting the snooze button at least once (usually twice - I've been very warm and snuggly lately), making my coffee, letting the canines out, going back up stairs finishing the coffee in less than 5 minutes then jumping in the shower to get the day rolling.  Can I function without this first cup of coffee, should I function without this first cup of coffee? 

See, I've begun to overthink ... this exercise in the morning.  But we all know I am so not a night person.  I will never be able to exercise after the kidlets are in bed.  Sometimes I don't even make it a full hour awake after they've been tucked in for the night.  Truth be known, sometimes I don't even make it until they are in bed, I crash before the kidlets!  How embarassing. 

I will do it ... others can do it.  If they can do it, so can I.  If the Husband can take time out of his busy schedule during the day a few days a week to make it to the gym, I certainly should be able to wake up 1/2 hour or 45 minutes earlier a few days a week and get down to the basement to .... exercise.  Ech. 

But the question remains:  coffee before or coffee after? 

Lent ...

This week marks the beginning of the Lenten Season.  Traditionally, no meat on Fridays, and other holy days such as today (it was Ash Wednesday when I began this post) .. A time for self reflection and repentance. 

A time for a look in the mirror to see what I'm really not doing -- taking care of my "temple" as the Husband is trying to teach me -- the body is a temple -- we must treat it as such.  Only good things in to get good things out.  Excercise.  Sleep.  Be Happy.  Eat Healthy.  Be Well.  Vitamins.  Play. 

Its hard for me to work on all of them at the same time.  But I'm going to try.  The "exercise" one is the killer for me.  You can see from other posts of mine that I pretty much loathe exercise even though I know of its benefits.  I saw this tip the other day on Yahoo and thought I'd pass it along. 

Tips for Flat Abs

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boggle Thursday


Play along ....

I got:  ray, rays, say, are, loo, lie, rice, lice, lore, rosy, nosy, line, roe, role, oil, sore, son, nor, lear, lea, leas, rile, nice, ice ... time's up.  Have fun ... it's almost the weekend.  Yippee!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  It is also the birthday of my Dad.  Dad would have been 60 this year.  He always told us that he would never live to see that number so we should have been preparing ourselves all along but we didn't. 

Sometimes, I am still angry with him for not taking better care of himself so that he could be here to have fun with his grandchildren.  But it is an emotion that is wasted.  He was who he was ... and we loved him.   I can only hope that he is like I think he is ... everywhere around ... watching all the time ... the gentle snowflakes that tickle the faces of the kids while they play ... the gentle breeze that helps keep them cool in the summer ....  I hope that he sees the wonder and the beauty that is his family.  We miss him ...not just on his birthday  .... but every day. 

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Whacked my head on the ice!

Ugh.  Last Saturday evening was a nightmare (the one before the Nor'easter that dropped 2 feet of snow in my yard)!!  The dogs got out during the snowfall!  Luckily, Twink was at the movies with a friend and her family, we had finally gotten SweeTart down for a nap and DinoBoy was content with his video games.  I had gone upstairs to rest for a few minutes - my head was pounding - when the Husband came up to tell me that the dogs were loose.  They had run by him when he opened the front door to find out why they were freaking out.  Since he looked like he had no intentions of going after them, I threw on my boots, scarf, gloves and jacket and headed out to try my hand at "tracking" them in the snow. 

The good news is, I found tracks.  I saw rabbit tracks and dog tracks running into my neighbors yard.  The rabbit was smart enough to duck uder the fence while the canines took off down the street.  I was able to follow them three houses down, to Max's house, where they played in the driveway a little bit, across the street into the yard of the white house, back into the street, then ... where next?  The tracks were jumbled.  I was calling them and calling them, hoping they weren't going to come to me - across a street or something and wind up being struck by a car.  One of our neighbors was in their garage and heard me calling ... she asked which one got out and I had to tell her both (these neighbors often "dogsit" their son's Boxers so she is familiar with our dogs who go to visit - on their other jailbreaks - to play with his dog.)  She and her husband got into their truck and started driving around the development scanning for the dogs.  Suddenly, my phone rang - I prayed that it was the Husband telling me that they had shown up on the front steps ... but it wasn't him.  It was our neice - who asked if we still had two dogs.  I was thinking holy crap why is she asking me about the dogs - we haven't really seen her since her birthday dinner - she told me that she thinks she just almost hit them on the road behind our development.  I was heading in the wrong direction!!  They weren't even in the development anymore. 

So, I thank our neice, tell her I will head in her direction (she is turning around and going to see if she can still spot them) and I will call her back.  In order to get to the road, I need to head back to  my house, head up the side of the yard between our fence and the neighbor's fence and to the road behind the house.  I know there is a patch of ice on my way so when I get to the spot where I think it is, I stop running and walk carefully so that I don't fall ... didn't work.  I fell.  Whacked my butt - Whaked my head.  Saw stars - the phone was ringing when my head was ringing so I missed the call.  It was our niece again.  I called her back when I could make a coherent sentence ... she didn't see them anymore.  I thanked her again and told her that I would call her back when I found them.

At this point, there is probably 2 inches of snow on the ground and it is coming down in my face, making it hard to see anything, especially a white dog and a dark brindle dog between the snowflakes and the shadows.  I was starting to panic.  I just started to pray that I would find them in one piece ... alive. See, when the dogs get out on a normal day, they will go to anyone, and I mean anyone but me.  Generally it is a neighborhood kid who collects them until we can get to them.  They won't come for a biscut, cheese, a leg of beef ... they want nothing more than to run to explore their surroundings ... and probably find the rabbits. 

So here I am, out in the snow, I've crossed the "main" road behind our house and I can see their tracks into a field.  I walk out into the field - I just stood there calling their names ... hoping they were on this side of the street and that they would not come to me from across the street .... after about 5 minutes of standing there in a panic, I looked down and Jack was there.  Jack is the ringleader.  There was no Guinness by his side.  I have no idea where Jack came from, he just appeared next to me.  I asked him where Guiness was, like he was going to answer me back ... I leashed him up, called home and started the walk home, calling Guinness the whole time. 

When I spoke with the Husband I told him how nervous I was that Guinness was not with Jack.  That is not like him at all.  The Husband tried to reassure me and told me he'd get in the truck to go look for him.  Jack and I arrived home - No Husband, no truck, no 2nd dog....Finally, he came home ~~~ with Guinness!!  The dogs must have found "friends" at the farm house down the long lane through the field, across the street.  (got that??)  The Husband said that he was driving down the lane, calling Guinness when he saw fresh tracks, then the dog!!!  Whew -- I was so afraid that the dogs were either hit or going to get really lost because of the snow and become popscicles. 

Someone was definitely looking out for us and our mutts that night.  Thanks you ... we appreciate it more than you can ever imagine.