Monday, March 16, 2009

Seven? months in a jiffy.

Things are going well in our Crazy House. So far, we'll have had an ear infection, 6 new teeth since 1/1/09 (in the process of cutting 8 more!!), the entire house had the stomach bug, a trip to Disney, two patients with strep throat, a first birthday party for SweeTart and a trip to Jamaica for the harried parents. Yay! You'd think that I would have had more time to blog with just those few things going on! LOL

SweeTart is growing like a weed! She turned one on 4/10. I cannot believe that we've been blessed with her for a year already - she's fabulous and quite the drama queen! She is now walking - running around the house - having skipped the crawling phase entirely.

Twinkletoes has lost both of her top teeth! She's pretty funny looking - beautiful, but funny! Her older brother is FINALLY getting his top two teeth - they were gone Forever!!! It is amazing how big secondary teeth look in someone so small. I am beginning to dread the orthodontic bills we will have for these guys. Seems like for every tooth that comes back in, at least one, sometimes two teeth get knocked out of the way of the incoming tooth. It definitely is not a good situation to be in. I am not sure their mouths will grow as quickly as we need them too.

We have just finished baseball and softball seasons! Yes, I said softball. Twinkletoes played on an 8U team this year. It was hysterical! She had a ball though and shows no fear!! DinoBoy played Slugger 2 this year and is doing well too. He played 3rd base for a spell last game and made a fantastic play getting the force out over that way at third. He was so excited!! He gave anyone who would listen the instant replay.

Ok - so I started this post in April - on to bigger and better things - it is July after all!!