Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Enjoy" Scrapbook Page Pops with Flowers

From Close To My Heart's Corporate office - Hope this gives you some new inspiration. And, today is the last day for the awesome November constant campaign. Check it out at my Close To My Heart site.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks Giveaway - Scentsy!

Pictured above is the Beautiful MID SIZE Graphite warmer.  How pretty is that?  Measuring approximately 4" wide and 5" tall, these beautiful warmers pack a powerful punch in getting a delicious scent spread throughout your home, safely.

Scentsy uses a low-watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke, or soot, the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy Scentsy fragrances.  When you get your new Scentsy, insert light bulb (included,)  plug it in, add Scentsy wax to the top of the warmer.  Sit back and relax.   Really, it is that easy.

Scentsy is not all about warmers though.  The last time my favorite consultant, Christine Worrell, had an open house, I learned about a lot of new product the company has come out with.  Not only are there three different sized warmers (full, mid and plug-in size), there are also Scentsy buddies (a special holiday one, no less), wax bricks, wax bars, scent packs, scent circles, room sprays, travel tins, fragrance foam and fine fragrance too! Yes, Scentsy perfume has arrived.

Even my kids love the Scentsy collections.  Each has a warmer in their room.  We have plug ins in the bathrooms.  A full size in the living room.  We cannot live without them.

A favorite scent?  I'm glad you asked.  I'm partial to non-floral-y type scents.  Food type scents?  You betcha.  Calming, relaxing scents?  Love them too.  My favorite this season?  Pumpkin roll.  Smells like heaven when I walk in to the house, after a long day of stress at work and smell the deliciousness of Pumpkin Roll.  And, I know that I could never recreate that scent in a food (I'm really not a good cook) so it soothes me.  :-)

For readers of the blog?  A giveaway, compliments of my favorite consultant!  The Prize Pack?  A Mid Size warmer and three bricks.  See the Rafflecopter below to enter!  It is easy, peasy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

General Mills Product Giveaway!

Recently, I received the coolest box in the mail.  It arrived on my step a few Saturday mornings ago and was marked "MyBlogSpark" as the return address.  Inside?  Glorious goodies!  2 Large boxes of cereal:  1 Honey Nut Cheerios and 1 Lucky Charms.  We are in heaven - how did they know these are our faves?  Also was one pack of four DC Comic books and an action figure of the Green Lantern. 

General Mills, one of my favorite cereal producers (they're not paying me to say that!) recently teamed up with the folks over at DC Comics to place 4 new, special edition comic books in specially marked packages of General Mills Cereals.  Participating Big G cereal include: Cinnamon Toast Crunch (17 oz.), Lucky Charms (16 oz.)(the fave of each of my children), Honey Nut Cheerios (17 oz.)(one of my faves!), Trix (14.8 oz.), Golden Grahams (16 oz.)(the other fave of mine!), Reese’s Puffs(18 oz.) and Cocoa Puffs (16.5 oz.) .  Take a sneak peek at the website which previews the special offer both cereals and comic books:  You can even take a look into the comic books. (Cool!)

Seeing these DC Comic book heroes brings back many memories!  I was once Wonder Woman for Halloween!!  Too bad I don't have her body now!  Wowzers!  Aquaman?  The man who could communicate with the animals of the sea?  So cool!  I loved watching their adventures on the Saturday morning cartoons!  

Drumroll:   General Mills is sponsoring a prize giveaway here at Family, Scrapbooks and Coffee in conjunction with MyBlogSpark. See the Rafflecopter below for all of the easy ways you can enter to win your very own prize pack, similar to what I received.    You will receive:  One Box of Cereal, One Green Lantern Action Figure and One 4-Pack of DC Comic books.  

Disclosure: Product, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills and DC ENTERTAINMENT through MyBlogSpark.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A New Social Network for Health: CAFE WELL

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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CafeWell.  Have you heard of it?  If you are like most of us, you have not heard of this new and invigorating social website.  CafeWell was created in order to provide a safe, secure and anonymous healthcare destination that wants to connect you with other people who share your same healthcare interest and needs.  The CafeWell community is there address your needs, whether it be for a chronic condition support (fibromyalgia, etc.), to healthy lifestyle tips and even wellness challenges. 

There is an event now at Cafe Well RACE to the MOON.  Race to the Moon is open to all HealthAmerica subscribers and is a corporate wellness program whose goal is to get members more fit and active through running or walking.  (The Philadelphia Marathon was yesterday.  I wonder if any Race to the Moon members participated?)  Race to the Moon provides, free of charge to qualified participants, wireless pedometers which tracks their steps and rewards them for milestones and goals.  In just under a month, the Race to the Moon participants have recorded over million steps, an average of 2.5 million per day!

Participants in Race to the Moon are enjoying themselves!  Here’s what participants are saying:

“This race has opened my eyes to my second chance. This is where we turn things around. This is where we get off the couch, go outside, and enjoy life. I always say we do puzzles and board games as a family because it's cheap, but taking a walk with my daughter is free. So, starting tomorrow we are going to take a walk after dinner. Then the next day, and the next day, and the next.”

“The program has finally gotten me on the treadmill to attempt running; I’m trying!”

At my work, we are doing a weight loss challenge.  Seems that many of us are "too busy" for exercise.  (That is my excuse.  All of mine are:  too busy (work/kids' schedules/homework/etc.), tired, lazy.  There I admitted it.  Laziness.)  This week, however, I weighed in 4 pounds lighter than the week before.  Why?  I cared.  I asked questions about what I ate.  I moved.  Maybe not as much as I should have but I definitely did more moving than the week before. 

Unfortunately, I will be on vacation when the weekly results are announced.  I do, however, think I have an excellent chance at winning this week.  We will finish up our challenge just before Christmas break and then will probably start up another after the first of the year.  You know, like all good people who make the New Year's Resolution to "be more healthy."  With CafeWell, we may no longer have a reason to not be more healthy.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have you seen Puppies v. Babies? The Ultimate Showdown!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Animal Planet is currently holding a contest to see who you think is cuter:  Puppies or Babies?  (Puppies vs. Babies online contest ends 11/23/11 so get your vote in now!)  The winner will receive $5,000 cash! 

It's really hard for me to make a decision of who to vote for.  We all know that there are some babies out there that you'd never tell their mothers are not cute! (Yes, I have three kids of my own so I'm not some "no kid" person making that statement!)  Puppies, on the other hand are CUTE.   All puppies.  Sorry babies.  I think the puppies will have this one made in the shade. 

Puppies vs. Babies   Who will you vote for?  Leave me a comment - tell me who you think will win the contest.  Did you check out the video of the Labrador puppies exploring the outside for the first time?  How stinking cute was that?  How about the Making of a Guide Dog video? 

Of course, I do have to say - check this cute one out ---

Do you think I should have entered her??  She is pretty dang cute and still a "baby" even though she acts as if she's going to be 12 in April instead of 4.  I totally missed out if you think I should have since we're in the final voting phase now - no more submissions are being accepted.   

Puppies v. Babies - who do you think will win? 


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tassimo Professional - In Your Office?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tassimo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you one of the people who has to brew the entire pot of coffee when you get in to the office in the morning?  Or do you have to wait for the next post to brew when you arrive because you arrive a tad bit later than everyone else?  Have you considered a professional Tassimo single-cup coffee maker in your office?  If you have been on the fence or haven't even thought about it yet, Tassimo is offering a free demo of their professional single-cup hot beverage system in your office now!  Here is the link you'll need to sign up:    Tassimo Professional

brewer straight on.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)We have a Keurig machine in my office but I'll be signing up for this free demonstration for the girls in my office.  This Tassimo machine looks similar but the end result looks yummy.   There are many reasons why to sign up for this FREE demonstration  ... but these are just a few that I've discovered recently: 

1. High Quality Taste - Tassimo Pro creates coffee-house style beverages right in the office. Cappuccinos and lattes can be prepared using real Gevalia espresso and real milk creamer. Variety of drink combinations possible.  (You would have to get very creative with the Kcups for this option; there are no creamer options that I know of presently for the Kcup products)  And Tassimo helps out by providing possible drink combinations and recipes! 

2. Top of the line brand availability - Gevalia espressos and coffees, Suchard hot chocolate and world renowned Twinings teas. How can you go wrong?    (EVERYONE in my office thinks that this part ROCKS!)

3. Smart T DISCS - The Tassimo Pro uses a unique double-bar brew codes to ensure proper brewing &  quality.  The double bar codes on Tassimo Pro  T Discs also help control your employees trying to take them home or steal to sell (Some offices really do have problems like this!) because the home based machines are not compatible with the double-bar brew code. 

4. Ease of use:  one touch activation can create a specialty drink (to rival an unnamed coffee house up the road from your office) in under two minutes.  It is easy to read the LCD instructions to brew, clean and perform maintenance on the Tassimo Pro.   (I'm all about ease of use!) NEW Tassimo Pro logo.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Are there any flavors or specialty drinks that you can make in the Tassimo that you can't wait to try?  Check this page out  it shows exactly how to make a few.  Or, if you're more inclined to "roll the dice", check out this slot machine to pick a flavor.  I pressed my luck and came up with a "Red Eye Medium" which sounds wonderful to me - Gevalia Signature Blend mixed with Gevalia Expresso.  YUM! 

Don't forget to stop by    Tassimo Professional free demo  to try this cool machine out in your office (Hurry, before the offer expires!!)                         

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Winner Announcement: Seventh Generation Giveaway

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your overwhelming support for the Seventh Generation and LeCrueset Giveaway which ended last night!!  I sure do appreciate it!!

Using Rafflecopter, this giveaway was a cinch for me to run!  They even use to select the winner - which makes it easier for me too!  Our giveaway winner today is:   Elena!  I have already been in contact with Ms. Elena and have her mailing info so she will have her superb prize pack shortly.

A big thank you to MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation for sponsoring such a wonderful event as well!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Once A Month Mom Holiday eCookbook – $3.00 Sale {Ends Midnight 11/4/11}

It’s TIME! The Once a Month Mom Holiday 2010 eCookbook ONCE A MONTH MOM HOLIDAY COOKBOOK is NOW on sale! Use the below coupon code to get your copy while they last at the $3.00 price! And they won’t last long. This code is only good until midnight today (Friday, 11/4/11).   Simply click on the photo link above and it will take you to where you make your purchase.  Ensure you enter your special code for your discounted book! 

Discount Schedule, original price $9.99:
  • 100 eCookbooks available for $1.00 – SOLD OUT
  • 200 eCookbooks available for $2.00 – Code:  SOLD OUT
  • 300 eCookbooks available for $3.00  Code:   300OAMM
IMPORTANT: After completing your purchase you will receive an email with a download link from info @ It will go to the email that you use with PayPal, so be aware if this is not an email you use often. Sometimes the email ends up in your SPAM folder, so make sure to check there if you don’t see it right away!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seventh Generation Product and LeCrueset Giveaway

Just how "green" are you?  How big is your carbon footprint?  I know that our family has a GIANT carbon footprint.  We are a gadget based family.  We have iPhones, Droids, iPods, iPads, laptops, Wii, xBox, etc. in our house.  If all five of us are home, I would take a gander that at least 3 are in use at one time.  Terrible, I know.  We are a recycling family and I am enjoying learning more about buying recycled products and products that aren't as harsh on the environment (or my family!)
Seventh Generation has been around for a while now.  I have seen their products in many different retail and internet based stores.   An interesting tidbit I picked up while visiting their website to learn more about Seventh Generation is that "all product and outer packaging boxes are now made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard except our baby diaper boxes and the boxes from one of our paper towel manufacturers. The U.S. standard is 40%."   That is amazing! 

The power of scent is remarkable. It can have positive effects on your mood, reduce stress, and even help you sleep better. But not all scents are created equal. The fruit, floral and herbal ingredients used to create the scents in Seventh Generation´s new natural dish liquid come from fields, not factories.

And, they are sponsoring an AMAZING giveaway!  I am speechless - because I have already received (and utilized some of the contents) of this wonderful prize package.  Check it out:
    Your Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid prize pack will contain:
  • (4) bottles of Seventh Generation natural dish liquid varieties in Free & Clear, Lavender Floral & Mint, Fresh Citrus & Ginger, and Lemongrass & Clementine Zest scents
  • Premium 3 Qt. 12" x 9" Baking Dish from Le Creuset©
  • (2) Twist© loofah sponges and (2) Twist© scour pads made from 100% post-recycled materials
  • Set of 3 organic cotton dish towels
Entering is easy via the Rafflecopter below.  The contest will run for one week and will close next Monday at 12:01 a.m. (eastern time). (Please enter by Sunday so that you don't miss out!)  

Using Rafflecopter is easy!!  There are two entries that you can do without leaving my blog (for all others, simply open a new tab so that you can perform the entry requirement then come right back here to tell me you "did that")   1) to tell me which scent of dish washing liquid you would choose for your family and 2) tell me which essential oil sourcing site would you be most excited to visit, if you were to win the "Nature Makes Perfect Scents" sweepstakes? (if you enter the contest, more entries!!) Visit Seventh Generation to learn more about each scent’s origin.

And, because I'm in the cooking mood - here is a link to a recipe that I found in honor of the Fresh Citrus and Ginger dish detergent that is my favorite!  It's perfect for fall and it's perfect if, you, like me, are looking to keep it healthy while using your slow cooker.  Slow Cooker Lemon Ginger Oatmeal is a recipe post from The Healthy Slow Cooking Blog.  If you decide to give it a try, let me know if you loved it!!

Disclosure: The Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid prize pack, product and information have been provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.