Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Early Christmas

At the rate I'm going, who knows when I'll next blog.

Turkey day was at my house this year (again). The high point is that I killed no one and no one has called to tell me that they were sick for the entire weekend afterwards. Which is always good, right? I will be the first to admit that I am not a good cook nor a gracious host. I do fine the day of but kvetch like none other about having to clean my house, get the food and do it. When in reality, besides the cleaning factor, having everyone over is fun!! I just over-stress over the whole cleaning thing and what if the kids step in dog poop (which they did!!) and all of the other things that could go wrong - but usually, nothing does and everyone goes home with a full belly and a smile on their face.

OK - it is now the morning after I started this post ... I've been up since 4:30 a.m. - I've already showered, dressed, worked for the husband for an hour via remote controlling his computer at work and Christmas shopped on ebay. Now - my coffee is cold and I'm still having to go brush my teeth before Nanny Extraordinnaire gets here and I'm out the door to the office. Where has the time gone???

Nothing newsworthy to report in the last 24 hours - had a regular monthly check-up at the OB yesterday afternoon. All seems well. I've gained a whopping ten pounds already since this kid's inception. Heartrate 144. The girls at the office think I'm carrying like a girl. I think it was the pink shirt that I had on yesterday when I saw them because today I'm in brown and blue and the belly is looking totally different. It really is all in what you wear! We go for the 20 week ultrasound next Thursday - stay tuned. Of course, if this baby is anything like Twinkletoes, we might have to go for four more ultrasounds before we can determine the gender! :)

I have to run ... the Nanny E. just pulled up and is on her way in. I'm obvioulsy still here typing which makes me ... running behind.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I was smacked in the face last night with the harsh reality that even in today's day and age where children have been snatched when their parents have turned their backs for a few minutes, that I am a bad mother. Isn't it obvious? I nitpick, I complain and I do my best to instill manners, respect and discipline into my children.

After we went to visit the Husband's Aunt Pat, who was given just months to live after being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, on top of a great many other things, we took the kids, their aunt and a cousin to dinner at our local diner. We visit this diner quite often. My kids were a wreck - there's no denying that. They had just spent over an hour rough-housing with Aunt Pat's grandson, Junior, who is just a little older than Dino Boy. The house was hot and I figured as long as no one was crying, we were all in good shape for a little visit. Of course, no one wanted to leave because they were having such a good time but - dinner calls. I was hungry. And hot. And exhausted after a trying day at work.

Anyhoo - after we received our dinners - Dino Boy decides that he needs to go to the bathroom. The husband and he had just returned from the men's room. I had already taken Twinkletoes to the ladies room. So, because DinoBoy indicates he needs to go #2 - I go with him. He wants to go in the men's room but I'm not going in there to wipe his behind. (Yes, I still wipe his behind - keeps me in practice for the diapers that are coming in April.) I yank him out of the door of the men's room and place him in the ladies room, telling him that an adult cannot utilize a bathroom of the opposite sex (now how many times have I been at a concert, nightclub or bar and after seeing the line at the ladies room, opted for the men's room instead???) but because he is still young (and well mannered most of the time in public) we wait for a stall in the ladies room. While we are in the stall, I'm conveniently peeking out of the door - and there is a grandmotherly type woman with whom we'd conversed before entering the stall talking to the woman who had just emerged from the stall. The emergent woman's voice was muffled, but I could hear the grandmotherly type saying that her daughter still takes her 6 year old grandson into the ladies room. Uh oh. Trouble. The emergent woman is still in the bathroom waiting for a teenage girl she is with (her niece, I think I heard her say) to come out of the stall. While DinoBoy is washing his hands - he still can't reach the soap dispenser in this bathroom - she tells me that he is too old to be in the ladies room. I just looked at her, stunned that she is speaking to me, and continued to help my son. After her niece is finished drying her hands, its DinoBoy's turn to use the dryer, which is still running. She says it again. I just looked at her and said "okay". I am just pissed and stunned that she is still talking to me. Then she said that "his father really should be taking him into the men's room because she doesn't appreciate a boy in the ladies room". HELLO - Whatever. In the meantime, the dryer turns off. Dino Boy looks at me, his hands still dripping, ready to leave because this woman is starting trouble. I walked him over to the hand dryer, right past her. WHY IS SHE STILL IN THE BATHROOM ANYWAY??? We turned the dryer back on and made sure that every drop of water had evaporated from his hands. How did she know that I was with my husband? How did she know there was a father? What gives her the right to tell me what to do? I could definitely understand her point if my kid was looking under the stalls or if there were no stalls at all and she needed to utilize a public toilet for all to see -- but that wasn't the case. There are clearly two stalls. My kid was with me at all times. At no time during our 5 minutes in the bathroom was he disrespectful. At no time did he cause anyone harm.

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I'm a bad mother. I help my kid out. The only bad part about it is, I couldn't think of a dang thing to say to her while she was telling me what to do. I need to work on this skill so that I'm not up all night pissed about a situation that I didn't handle properly. Or up first thing in the morning complaining about it all over again.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Freebie

A planning list for TURKEY DAY

Check out the SavingDinner website and FreezerPleasers if you dare.

I'm bound and determined to start cooking ahead of time. I waste so much time at the grocery store and money on things that look good but go bad in the fridge before I use them. Need to start pinching the pennies before the new baby comes ... wonder how much I can really save by planning ahead? I'll let you know. :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not a bad deal....

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Got this from Mommysavers.com in thier forums section. There is always good info to be had in there.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our newest angel...

Beverly, NJ resident
Helen (nee Zigenfus), age 88, left this world peacefully on Monday, November 5th after a courageous battle with cancer. The angels guided her to Heavens' Gate, where she was met by her parents, Helen (nee Parker) and Elwood Zigenfus; her sisters and their spouses, Katherine and Paul Lindsey, Virginia and George Harding, and Alice and William Coleman and her brother, Elwood (Buddy) and spouse Delores (nee Bowers) Zigenfus and their daughter, Dana. Also greeted by her first son, Stephen T. Kelly, whom predeceased her in 2005.

She is survived by her loving and devoted husband, James F. Kelly, with whom she celebrated sixty years of marriage this year and their children, James F. Kelly, Jr. and Helen Marie LaVenia; her daughters-in-law, Barbara Kelly, Judy Kelly, and Nancy Kelly. Also survived by her beautiful grandchildren, Kristie (Tim), Karen (Luis), Heather and Erin, and Zachary and Joshua. Also four adorable great-grandchildren, Jonah and Ella and Nicholas and Jacquelynne, along with so many loving nieces, nephews, and friends.

Relatives and friends are invited to visit Thursday from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM at St. Joseph's Church, Warren Street, Beverly, NJ 08010 and to attend the Liturgy of Christian Burial Thursday, 10:30 AM at St. Joseph's Church. Interment: Monument Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, Mass Cards, donations to St. Joseph's Church, the Beverly Emergency Squad or any random act of kindness in her memory would be appreciated.

Monday, November 5, 2007

sad -

not sure when I'll be blogging next, although I have tons to say --- found out that my dad's mom passed away last night ... when I get a few free moments, I'll begin posting again.

This is from just this past June and was published in her local newspaper ...


Good morning and happy 60th wedding anniversary to James and Helen Kelly. On this date in 1947, the New York Yankees were beating the Philadelphia A’s, 5-2, at Shibe Park and the Phillies were losing to the N.Y. Giants, 14-6 at the Polo Grounds. Some things never change.

Mommom, I hope that you are in a better place, free of pain. We'll miss you.