Friday, February 19, 2010

How hard can it be?

Honestly, how hard can it be?  To what, you ask?  To get my lazy arse out of bed early each morning to get said lazy (and fat) arse moving ... exercising ... walking ... something.  But, even though I am motivated all day long to get up early each morning, I just haven't been able to do it on these cozy winter mornings.  I mean, really, who wants to get up out of a nice snuggle with the hubby?  And then the question arises ... do I have my coffee before or after my .... exercise?  Typically, I've been trudging down the stairs after hitting the snooze button at least once (usually twice - I've been very warm and snuggly lately), making my coffee, letting the canines out, going back up stairs finishing the coffee in less than 5 minutes then jumping in the shower to get the day rolling.  Can I function without this first cup of coffee, should I function without this first cup of coffee? 

See, I've begun to overthink ... this exercise in the morning.  But we all know I am so not a night person.  I will never be able to exercise after the kidlets are in bed.  Sometimes I don't even make it a full hour awake after they've been tucked in for the night.  Truth be known, sometimes I don't even make it until they are in bed, I crash before the kidlets!  How embarassing. 

I will do it ... others can do it.  If they can do it, so can I.  If the Husband can take time out of his busy schedule during the day a few days a week to make it to the gym, I certainly should be able to wake up 1/2 hour or 45 minutes earlier a few days a week and get down to the basement to .... exercise.  Ech. 

But the question remains:  coffee before or coffee after? 

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Bloggie McBlogger said...

Have your coffee before, go back upstairs, go down stairs to have more coffee, go upstairs, go back down have more coffee, go back upstairs. With all the down and UP of the stairs, you manage a good cardio workout. It's one of my big workout routines sometimes.

Who needs a Stairmaster when you have steps?