Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In a World Full of Left Socks ..

This weekend, we decided that SweeTart needed new shoes.  We also had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in our pocket - and Twink wanted to go to the "Justice" store to get new clothes.  Both girls are growing as quickly as weeds so we decided that we'd head over to the stores after we finished with Church services on Sunday. 

We headed to Justice first since SweeTart had fallen asleep during the car ride over.  Only Twink and I went into the store, leaving the boys to watch over SweeTart.  We weren't in the store too long, but it was exhausting. Twink likes everything.  Everything bright, everything tie-dyed, everything glittery, everything with monkeys on it ... you get the idea.  She was having a terrible time picking out just a few items.  Even with 40% off, we still were spending a fortune.  Anyhoo - we finally get up to the register with our goodies and the cashier tells us that if we grab two more packs of socks, we'll get one of them for free.  They're all the same price so it isn't supposed to matter which ones we grab.  The display with the socks is about 10 paces behind me, and there is a line behind me as well, so I run back to to the sock display, grab two packages of socks - one stripes and one with soccer balls - and give them to the cashier.   Twink is happier than I've seen her in a long time because we've done something just for her - and we head out to the truck. 

All is good out in the truck.  SweeTart is awake and the boys are restless.  Off to Stride Rite we go.  We are next in line to be helped in that store when SweeTart decides to tell us "pee pee".  What?  She pooped in the store?  Nope, she peed out of her diaper!!!  Ugh.  I sent DinoBoy to the truck to get the diaper bag, explain to the clerk that we've had an accident and I need whatever they have to clean it up and I proceed to change her right in the middle of the store.  Not a big deal for me but if anyone else came into the store a the time, they might have been appalled.  I made sure to disinfect the stool where I changed her when I was done (no worries - your children are safe!)  Both girls enjoyed trying shoes on and we wound up going home with two new pairs of sneaks - one for each girl. 

Later, when Twink and I were putting her new clothes away, I started to clean out her sock drawer to make room for the new socks we brought home.  After there was a little bit of room in the drawer, I opened the package of white socks, the package of striped socks and the soccer ball socks.  But wait ... the package of soccer ball socks only has three socks.  Yes, you heard me right.  Three.  And, get this, none of them match one another.  I look closely - there wasn't another pack that fell off anywhere - I said something to Twink.  She laughed at me and said "it's okay, they're mix and match socks.  they're not supposed to come in pairs."  Um, hello, I just spent money for three left socks??  I probably have 100 left socks down in the laundry room.  Someone is making a killing on a problem that we've all had for years - left socks.  I'm not really keen on the idea of mismatched socks - it actually irritates me to no end.  Why in the bejeezus would you wear mismatched socks on purpose?  Twink has worn them - and LOVED them - so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy her happiness in her new clothes.  I love shoes - she apparently loves socks.  She takes after her Aunt.  *smiles*

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Bloggie McBlogger said...

Hahahahahaha! Just today I was matching up socks for the kiddos, and I was trying to figure out why I have SO MANY LEFT SOCKS! And I actually used the term "left socks!" Hahahaha!
Seriously though, I have a full basket for me, a full basket for Thing One, a full basket for Thing Two and a partially full basket of them for the Hubster. It's crazy!!
I can't imagine where all of those right socks are hiding!