Thursday, May 8, 2008

28 days old!

Hello!!! Yes, we are still alive!! Tired but doing well! We're going to call her SweeTart on the blog because that is what I call her most often (when I can't remember her name in the middle of the night {just kidding!!!} although she does sometimes get called by her sister's name and I'm not the only one who has done it!!) She has her 1 month old check up on Monday morning. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown in the past month. She's still eating and pooping like a champ. Come to think of it, I've never seen a baby poop so much in my entire life!!! Her brother and sister weren't nursed but they were fed pumped milk for the first few months/weeks of their lives -- its amazing!

She's beginning to nap the afternoons away and generally will sleep for at least five hour stints at night - sometimes even longer depending on what is going on in our house (baseball, tball, etc.) that evening.

Twinkletoes and Dinoboy still love her to pieces. Every morning when they wake up they come directly into our room to see what the baby is doing. Is she sleeping, nursing, burping or pooping?? When they get off the bus in the afternoon, the first thing they ask is where she is. Not where I am, mind you. Where's the baby they want to know. They're still willing to hold her (when she isn't crying or sitting in poop) and they sing to her when she is fussing. Its very cute. Eventually, I'm going to have to get the video camera out and tape some of the interactions between these siblings. It is definitely something that we'll want to remember when they're in the throes of teenage-hood and want nothing to do with their sister. It will prove to us all that at one point, they truly were amazed at the little one who just entered their lives.

Thank you to everyone who is still sending cards and gifts. We appreciate everything and all of the well-wishes. Thanks a million to my mom too. She patiently gets the older kids on the school bus each and every morning while I'm attached (literally) to SweeTart. She has discovered that OxiClean gets the poop out of clothes (the baby's and mine. I've never been pooped on before this child!!!)

A few other notes ... we have a new nephew born to the Husband's brother and our sister in law on the 24th. He was a big guy - having three pounds and 4 inches on SweeTart. We had fun seeing the new family at the hospital the day after he was born. I still can't believe his Mom pushed him out. She's my hero (and, I hope to never have to push one so big out myself!)

DinoBoy lost another tooth! His first top tooth! He currently has 3 empty slots in his mouth and by the look of things, he may be losing one or two more pretty soon.

Twinkletoes is coming right along with gymnastics! Now, we need to sign her up for summer camp there as well as sign them both up for Rutgers reading camp again this summer.

The husband and I are headed down to AC tomorrow night to see Van Halen - I'm excited! Hope SweeTart will take the bottle for Mom. :-)

Time to close - have to get dinner on the table before those kids STARVE. They've been pretty dramatic lately. Enjoy the pictures I'll post separately and, please, keep in touch!

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