Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mid Summer

Hi all - its the end of's almost DinoBoy's 8th birthday. How quickly that time has passed us by.

The kids are looking forward to going to the Farm Fair today. Wristbands for unlimited rides are from 1-4 p.m. Only downside of the entire thing is that it will be hot (90+) and humid. SweeTart does not like the hot and humid. I purchased a squirt bottle with a fan on it while at toys r' us yesterday. I am hopeful that will help us out, if only for a little while.

Have a mac 'n cheese in the oven to take to Hewitt's. I made cupcakes last night and Twink helped me frost them this morning. I should not be allowed to bake ... they are lopsided and look strange but we managed to hide most of their irregularites with the frosting. The Husband pointed out last night that they were no more strange looking than the cupcakes we purchased for the swimming birthday party a few weeks ago and they came from a "real" bakery in town. So - I am feeling a little bit better about them but, man, are they strange looking. With the scent that is wafting through the house right now, it smells like I did a much better job on the mac 'n cheese!

Will hopefully have pictures to post from the fair ... I will not say when since it took me six months to post before ... have a super weekend!

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