Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Monkey

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A beautiful little girl with Neuroblastoma.  Found out the great news that she is "stage 1, low risk."  But that doesn't stop the medical bills from piling up, nor the worries of her family for her full recovery.  This is Monkey's Momma's latest post....

!Momma's Pixie Dreams

My promise to Monkey…

The medical bills are just starting to pour in from the last three weeks of hell that we have been through and the cancer although found early has left its mark on Monkey with an arm that she is no longer able to use. She has mobility of her hand but the arm just hangs like a lifeless doll. Tomorrow we will start the tedious task of physical therapy of which our insurance barely covers, not to mention the cost of monthly scans and oncologist visits that we will accrue. But thanks to your bighearted gifts we will manage.
This isn’t where we are going to stop…I have set up a Mission Monkey account and the unused portion from your generous donations will be given to another family that has to battle this monster. Medical expenses should be the least of your concerns when your baby has cancer maybe together we can help to ease another family’s worries tomorrow.


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