Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apathetic - A Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to read Apathetic, the newest release by author Heather Muzik. Having read Celia's Journey and 2 Days Til Sundae, I should tell you how much I was looking forward to it's ebook release. In a word, awesome!

In a few more words: creepy, crazy and spooky (not ghostly spooky, but the kind of spooky that haunts your dreams for a while.) Like Celia's Journey, Apathetic closely examines family dynamics - this time of the Marshall Family. Most people think of men being the "abusers" of the family. Not in this one. Chris Marshall is thrown for a loop when his wife, Victoria, becomes his worst nightmare - for him and his two daughters. Follow this family through their ordeals with Victoria ~ it's a page turner that you're sure not to forget anytime soon.

A few days ago, Heather took some time to chat with me.  I asked her if she needed therapy herself after writing such a deep book.  This makes me laugh out loud ... she indicated that she wrote 2 Days til Sundae, an airy and light hearted chick lit book to take the edge off.   You can definitely compare and contrast the two works out of the same author.  Must be true that writing is good therapy!!!  PS:  Keep in mind that this book is not happy-go-lucky like 2 Days til Sundae ~ it is utterly blood curdling and jaw dropping at times. Be prepared!


Heather Muzik said...

Wow, Kristie, thanks for that wonderful review. First of all, I appreciate that you are so careful with all of your reviews so as not to spoil any story with too much information. Second, I can’t thank you enough for pointing out the strong differences between and among my books. I find it hard to pin myself down to one genre when I read, vacillating from one world to another, from book to book, often with several genres going at one time. I guess that tendency spills over into my writing, too. Of course without a pen name to differentiate one style from another (it is hard enough to get people acquainted with my real name), I fear sometimes that readers will be let down, expecting a certain type of story from me. But I go whichever way the words flow. I find the use of force doesn’t work with the mighty pen (or keyboard), so instead I embrace the gift of a change of pace. And like you mentioned, I attribute 2 Days to saving me from becoming a raving psycho while I was writing Apathetic. In the end, I love each story for its own unique wonders, and I only hope that readers will go along for the ride.

Thanks again!

Small Kucing said...

WOw....wonderful book review. Makes me want to pick up this book. Very tempting. Author is very friendly too. It's nice to have a friendly chat with the author to know them better instead of everything go through agents.

Have a nice day. Coming here from VB