Friday, September 28, 2007

1st month of school - Gone!

I cannot believe I haven't written but once all month. Things have been quite hectic here as I'm sure those of you involved in your kids' sports well know. I'm actually out of my mind crazy!!

We've been doing two soccer schedules each Saturday. We've been fortunate (or unfortunate - depending on how you look at it) that the kids' schedules have overlapped the past few weeks and we've been off the fields by 10:30 each Saturday morning. The fields that they're playing on are somewhat next to one another so I'm able to straddle the two fields and watch both kids play at the same time. Not too shabby, huh? Sadly enough, I have no pictures to post. I haven't taken my camera once yet. Its too crazy trying to make sure that no one is getting hurt at either game. But this weekend will be different. Twinkletoes is playing one of the later games and DinoBoy is playing at 8:30. We won't leave the field until around noon, but at least the snack bar will be open to appease the one who isn't playing at any particular time. I will bring my camera this weekend and hopefully will have lots of pictures to show off soon.

The kids are loving school!! Dino Boy gets homework every night and Twinkletoes complains every night that she has no homework. She doesn't realize that she's actually getting off good at this point but I'm going to start making up work for her so that she has something to do instead of looking over DinoBoy's shoulder and giving him all of his answers. I've been told that is because she is a girl. A few of the other mom's of Kindergarten girls I've spoken to recently have told me that their girls are the same way - even if they don't have older siblings doing homework ... odd. But - good enough. Maybe she'll be the next president of the United States. Only time will tell.

What else? oh yeah. I'm pregnant. Again. At this point, its still early and I'm as sick as a dog. I'm about 10ish weeks now. Estimated time of arrival of this one - mid to late April of 2008. All would be good if I could just shake this yukky feeling. And, because I'm so sick feeling but not physically sick I've been eating a boatload and am gaining weight. Dr. C. is going to have a fit when he sees me next week for our second appointment. Whatever. It'll be a long few months. And, I haven't told the kids yet. Too afraid of a miscarriage - since we've been down that road before, I'd rather just not tell them until later. This way I don' t have to explain all of that not so fun stuff to them. Know what I mean? So if you see the kids, mum's the word!

Have to run. Sorry for not keeping up to date more frequently. Things are just NUTS - what can I say? :-)

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