Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mid-September Already?

Wow - time has flown. It was just yesterday (it seems) that we were waving goodbye to the schoolbus - with both Twinkletoes and DinoBoy on board! Twinkletoes even pushed her brother out of the way so that she could board the bus first. They sat together - very cute. Very good of DinoBoy to sit with his sister instead of his friend from down the street. There are pictures - they're going to have to come later because I have no idea where they are - other than on Snapfish. :0)
Twinkletoes loves every minute of kindergarten and thinks it is just so cool to go to school! She is disappointed because she hasn't had any homework yet and her brother has had homework every night since the second day of school. Now that is a lot of homework already for a first grader! DinoBoy also likes school so far this year. He enjoys having his lunch in the cafeteria with his friends. He was so excited and told us how loud it is in the cafeteria when all those kids are in there!
This weekend, the husband and I are heading to my cousin's wedding in York, PA. Should be a good time. My MIL is coming over for the night Saturday to "watch" the kids and the dogs. This will be the first time she's sat for us since ..... infancy? And, hopefully, the dogs will be okay and won't knock her down. She'll have a full day on Saturday - soccer in the morning, a birthday party for one of our nephews in the afternoon and maybe she'll take them to Sunday school the next morning. Only time will tell.
I'm still doing two jobs at work. Not very effective at this point on either one. i feel like something is always getting pushed aside to do something "more important". But - interviews have been done to fill my old position and hopefully we'll have someone in place shortly. Then I have to train too. Yikes. By the end of the year, I should be caught up -- one can only hope!
Have a great day! I know I'll be taking a walk at lunchtime to enjoy the nice fall day!

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Thanks for the update! FINALLY!!!