Thursday, August 30, 2007

Countin' Down the Days

The kids start school in less than a week. Twinkletoes will be beginning her knowledge adventure with her first year in the "big" school. She's been waiting to start kindergarten for well over a year. She just didn't get it when Dino Boy started last fall and she still had to go to pre-school. Them's the breaks for being born almost a whole year behind her brother. But this year - its her year. She can hardly contain herself and is counting down the days at bedtime. I don't know if she'll be able to sleep at all on Tuesday night. The bus picks them both up (she has morning kindergarten) at our house at 8:34 a.m. Dino Boy is quite excited to be entering the first grade. Wish him luck. He didn't enjoy his Rutgers Reading program this summer that he did for 5 weeks. He just doesn't care to learn to read ... as much as I read to him and around him, its easier to have us read to him rather than have him read for himself. I'm sure Twinkletoes will be just the opposite! Watch out!! I'll let you know how it goes next week. I've taken the day off so that I can be there when they get on and off the bus!

We don't have much planned this weekend. Hanging out with friends on Saturday and Sunday. I plan on taking the kids to the pool on Friday - but we'll see how Dino Boy's foot is feeling. He was at the pool today but when he left the house, he didn't have his swimsuit on and insisted that he wasn't going to swim because he didn't want to have to change the bandage on his foot. But, the Nanny Extraordinnaire, good grandmom that she is, packed his swimsuit and the waterproof tape anyhow and was able to accomodate him when he changed his mind. Quite a piece of work he is.

Saturday we went to a surprise party for one of the Husband's best friends. Looks like the Husband is having a good time, no?

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