Monday, August 20, 2007


This weekend we took the kids to go see Walking With The Dinosaurs in Philly. What a fantastic show!!! I cannot get over how it held the attention of every kid and adult in the Spectrum for almost TWO HOURS!

A narrator went over each and every aspect of what was going on with the show - from the plant eaters (brachiosaurus, etc.) to the meat eaters (T Rex, etc.) and everything in between. Even a flying dino was featured. I cannot get over the reality of each of the dinosaurs presented and the way in which they all interacted with each other and the audience. Be sure to catch this show if it comes to your area. I was surprised at the expense of each of the tickets but they were definitely worth every penny!! Our kids asked on the way home if they could go see that show again next year. Definitely - if it comes back 'round!

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