Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ahhhh....Spritey Lives On...

Or so says my mom this morning. Seems that our great white hunter, Sprite, finally has decided to rejoin the family by possessing Jack and Guinness. Don't get me wrong, Jack and Guinness have had their share of bird kills this summer but no rabbits or other animals - until today.

Today is a different story. Today they got a rabbit. Mom said it was disgusting. Spritey usually only killed the poor rabbit (what were they thinking anyway - the dog was FAST). These two new ones though are usually like dumb and dumber when the husband tries to show them where the rabbits are in the back yard - out by the shed or under the shed. They just run and play with each other instead of paying attention to the villain rabbits who are trespassing in Dog Territory. Today, they got a rabbit and got it good. Mom said it was a mess and the head is missing. I can only imagine that dumber swallowed it while trying to keep it away from dumb. Mom said she searched the yard for it. Its not there. So - I called my friend Natalie at the vet's office -- I told her on Monday when I was picking stuff up not to talk about not seeing me in a while because that is sure to bring me in with at least one of them - - she said to just watch for the runs and/or puking. Lovely. And, I just shampooed the carpets on Saturday afternoon.

The kids have their annual check ups first thing in the morning then the day is ours!!! Yippee!! We'll see what we do.

Have a great evening! And weekend, if I don't get back here.

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Momma Z said...

Sounds delicious- rabbit head!!!