Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another HumpDay

It's the middle of another summer week here ... it is supposed to be hot, humid and otherwise unbearable this afternoon. Although the swim club is taking its toll on Nanny Extraordinaire, I still think it was a good idea to get all of the kids out of the house pretty much daily. How else can we keep them from killing each other? And the Nanny's tan is definitely something that we haven't seen in years!! *grin*

Our vacation ended without incident on Saturday morning. The Husband had wanted to go right from the beach to the mountains overnight where friends of ours are renting a lake house for a week. We were just too exhausted. I think the kids finally recovered ... yesterday. There were just many days of late nights and early mornings at the beach. We definitely won't do it at that same beach for a week again next year. Maybe a night or two, but that will be plenty for us. A week with the kids, as young as they are, is just hellish for everyone involved, including the unfortunates who have to sit next to our "camp" on the beach - you know,the people with children who don't get in trouble or are old enough to "lay" on the beach or boogie board on their own - they have to put up with our kids tattling, whining or just plain getting in trouble every time they turn around. So to all of you strangers out there -- sorry. I aspire to be you someday. My kids will behave. They will learn to deal with their frustrations and they will learn that when they're tired and exhausted to just take a break instead of going full force 24/7. Okay? Someday soon, I hope.

The job is going well. I'm in a transition and currently doing the administrative assistant job that I've had for just over 3 years and the accounting job that I should be doing f/t by 9/1. Its a little hairy as things are slipping through the cracks and other things are just taking longer to get done. Its hard to do the job of two people in a day long enough only for the job of one. Did that make sense?

On another note, almost ten pounds has found me when I wasn't looking since we vacationed in May. Not a good thing. The husband and I are back on Weight Watchers full force. This blog might just have to become my food diary since I don't have have time to post on two different blogs every day. I barely get to this one as it is. But, with all of your support, I know I can knock the weight back off and even the extra pounds that I had hoped to lose before will come off as well. Anyone have any good, low-point recipes to share?

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