Friday, August 10, 2007

Another vacation ... almost over

Hello there - got an email from my SIL today (ok, she may have sent it anytime between Tuesday early morning and this morning at 7:00 a.m.!) advising me that I am neglecting my blog. Not so. I'm up to my eyeballs in black sticky sand, ice cream on the beach and the whiniest kids you've ever heard. Now, you may have thought that I called them whiners when we were in the OBX. Maybe I didn't but I'm sure I thought that. I now stand corrected. They are total whiners now. Holy cow. At least in the OBX they went to bed at a halfway decent hour (which I'm told won't happen next year because they're already planning on rooming with their twin friends!). Down here in Wildwood - its early to rise, late to bed and a whole lot of excitement packed in between!

Let's see. This is how our week went. Saturday - after getting stuck in traffic where the Parkway meets the AC Expressway (which was my fault because we didn't leave at 7:00 a.m. but at 8:30 a.m. and we got stuck...) - we went to the beach. Sunday - waterpark then some rides afterwards then to Stone Harbor for dinner and swimming with friends. Monday - beach then boardwalk. Tuesday - beach then boardwalk. Wednesday - beach then home (kids went to the movies with the Nanny Extraordinaire and the husband and I went to the DMB concert - it was HOT but AWESOME!) Thursday - we left home for the beach at 7:30ish a.m. and went to the beach then boardwalk. Friday - beach, we're planning on going out to dinner at 7:00, then to the boardwalk. CH and I have to get this place in top notch condition before having to get out by eleven a.m. tomorrow. Plausible but exhausting.

But - in reality - it is a vacation. Dino Boy was royally PO'ed when we were coming off of the beach today and I told him and his sister that we were going to go back to the beach house, clean up, nap and go to dinner and the boardwalk for our last night here. Holy Cow - you'd have thought he lost his best friend. Or two. He had a major temper tantrum. They get worse as he gets older but at least he is expressive. He wants to know why we don't own a shore house that we can stay in all summer long (hey auntie d - are you ever going to build that house?? I'll give you an indentured servant for the entire summer if you just let him go to the beach for a few hours a day!) (On a side note - there was a hotel down here called the Thunderbird - ironically right at the end of our street - where we used to stay when I was younger. In the recent years, I'd noticed what a dive it had become. What a shame. Since our last trip here (for a week) in 2005, they've since torn down the hotel and created beautiful townhomes at the site. They're not cheap either. I believe the price on the sign said starting at $699,999 - now that is CRAZY - but they are pretty!!) Anyway, not sure how I won but both kids are now sleeping on couches right outside of my bedroom. Yippee. Dinner reservations aren't for another two hours so they have plenty of time to gather their energy for the boardwalk and all the rides and games tonight. I think their favorite ride is the long flume - just like their Poppop Kelly!!!!! So if H&E would like to take the kids to GA for the day and relive a part of our childhood, riding the log flume for hours at a time, we're definitely up for that!!!!

I'm going to run ... have to dry my hair before it dries itself in the shape of the towel that is on top of my head. I will do my best to upload and share all pictures taken this week (and of the OBX - have I done that yet???) and update the blog with wonderful tidbits of our evening tonight. I think it will be interesting considering the menu reads "all margaritas are $8 with the exception of the Crystal Margarita" -- when you look that one up it is $75! Holy baloney batman ... until manana.... toodles!

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