Saturday, June 7, 2008

Its gonna be a hot one

It's Saturday -- the weather forecasters in our area are calling for our first "official" heat wave of the summer. Not sure if it is true in other places, but here they like to say that any three consecutive days of 90+ degree weather consitutes a heat wave. A perfect time for our next door neighbor to have his pool liner replaced!!! We may venture to the swim club this afternoon when they open. I don't want the kids to be inside all day but then, how long can I keep SweeTart outside in the heat? Ugh - decisions, decisions.

Last night we went with family to see Tom Petty play in Philly. What a show!! Steve Winwood opened for them - it was a fantastic show from start to finish. I was impressed. Thanks to D for making the call to get the limo so I wasn't stuck being the designated driver all the way from Philly (not like it is that far but when I drive the husband home after a few beers, he's not such a fantastic co-pilot -- he likes to tell me how to move around in the traffic, very loudly, might I add). From their house to home was a fine drive for me. The Jimmy Buffett concert is next weekend. I cannot wait for that!!

We had SweeTart's first "professional" photos done yesterday. What a gal! She was so cooperative and we got so many great shots, it was hard to choose which pictures to purchase. As usual, I bought too many and spent too much. But she's only this big (or small as you may see it) once and geez is she cute. Here is one of the shots. I know it says "zazzle" across it but that is who hosts the pictures for the Picture People online.

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Momma Z said...

YAY!! My favorite picture of Piper! She's saying "Yo, Ma! I'm a celeb!"