Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Twinkletoes!

Since I've already qualified for "Mother of the Year" this year, it should come as no surprise that I'm writing the birthday blog for Twinkletoes - late. She turned six on Thursday. Today - it is Monday. I really suck!

She came in to our world unexpectedly - just a short ten and a half months after we welcomed her brother (yes, it is possible!) She was overzealous from the start, arriving a full month ahead of schedule. So, if you're sick to your stomach in your third trimester, it may be a good idea to get to the doctor to have an internal exam - you may be in labor. That being said, when we arrived at the hospital for her delivery, there was no room at the inn. See, after 9/11/01, there seemed to be a "baby boom" so the nurses were met with a very irritated woman in labor, her sick (yes, he had strep throat and an ear infection) husband and our doctor. Doc C told the ladies to clean up Room #1 because I was 4 cm at 10 am and it was now after 3 pm - he couldn't imagine that the number went down. :-) Nothing like having the doctor root for your team! After an epidural, a round of pitocin, and a refresher on the epidural which wore off - Twinkletoes came into our lives after just a few pushes. She also went into the NICU for the next five days where they worked on issues with her breathing and digestion -- but she came home without any problems and we were happy to have her.
Since then we've decided she is going to be an actress. She is a total drama queen. Nothing is taken lightly by this one. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. She understands that she won't be able to help all animals but she wants to make a difference (except in the lives of snakes). She loves going to school and is eager to start each day and is up bright and early (like her mom) and seems to be a morning person. She is a joy to her teachers and never poses a problem in her classroom. I'm sure after this next round of Rutgers Reading this summer, she'll be reading books without any help from us.
She is a helper! She loves to help out with her baby sister and even helps her brother tie his shoes and find lost objects. She also believes that being a tattle tale is helpful. Can't blame her but boy oh boy is it annoying!!!
She is in such a hurry to grow up!!! She idolizes her older cousins and now is the proud owner of an MP3 player. She asked me to download Hanna Montana, High School Musical 2 and (a girl after my own heart) Jimmy Buffett. So, while she is singing Jolly Mon or Fins out loud because she doesn't understand that even though she can't hear herself, we CAN hear her, we have to just sit back and wonder where all the time went. She is going into first grade in the fall. I wish her all the happiness her heart can hold - she's brought so much into our everyday that I cannot imagine living without her.
It really does seem like yesterday I was cursing at my mom when my epidural wore off.
Happy Sixth Birthday Twinkletoes. Never stop reaching for the stars!!

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