Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whew -

It's almost been a month since my last entry. Crazy as that seems is as crazy as it has been around here!! We were on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the 4th of July holiday on a family vacation. We had so much fun!!! Here is a picture of the kids!!! Our photographer, Daniel Pullen, www.DanielPullenPhotography.com, was phenomenal!!! I highly recommend him to anyone going to Hatteras Island anytime in the next century!! This is just a sample of the great job that he did. We have kids pictures, family shots and even ones of me and the Husband!
Best of all, the hard copies are on their way to us now and I can't wait to pick which ones to order and enlarge!!
SweeTart rolled over today - twice - no fluke. Belly to back - which is easier than back to belly so we'll see how long that one takes.
DinoBoy has another loose tooth. Pretty soon I'm going to have to break down and get him a shirt that I saw in a catalog recently "on the tooth fairy's payroll" is what it said. How true it is. He currently has 3 empty spaces in his mouth.
Twinkletoes is as gabby and ornery as ever! Last week she went to a gymnastics camp from 9-12ish M-Th. She loved it. She goes back next week. I'm contemplating signing her up for the rest of the summer if she doesn't start behaving. Ship 'er out! ;-) Just kidding. That would be way more work for my mom than is necessary.
Swim lessons have started again this summer. Tomorrow will be lesson #2. All I heard last week before lesson #1 was "i hate swimming lessons" - I heard it yelled, whispered, whined and practically burped. DinoBoy was really trying to get his point across. Twinkletoes loves them. She loves her new instructor. Whew!!!! I think DinoBoy will come around. The new instructor is a college co-ed and I think DinoBoy thinks she is cute! Twinkletoes told me today that she likes Miss Sarah better than Miss Cathy (their instructor for the last three years).
Ok - just wanted to give you a quick update and post the photo. Still in the process of getting all of the pictures onto the computer from the camera from OBX. After I do, I'll post some, promise!

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