Sunday, September 7, 2008

Houston, we have a flipper (and other stuff)

We have a flipper. SweeTart has learned the fine art of flipping from her back to her stomach and then back again. While we've seen her do it here or there, I caught her practicing when she woke up from her afternoon nap -- and I was spying on her! Too cute! She's growing so fast -- she'll be 5 months old this week. It's been a roller coaster.

While I'm writing this, I'm listening to the echoing screams of DinoBoy and Twinkletoes through the house. See, is 7 o'clock on a Sunday night and as of yet, no one is bathed. They've been tinkering with the garage door opener, trying to program the outside keypad to the opener and trying to program the truck to the opener. We were almost late for church this morning because we had extra time on our hands and tried to program the truck's opener before leaving the driveway. Its hard to leave with such an important project unfinished. But we left it unfinished and made it to services on time. Just on time, mind you. Now, the Husband and the neighbor and the kids were working on the project. They're now in the house and the project remains ... unfinished.

We had 1/2 of the H family join us for services this morning. I can only imagine what is running through their heads. Jerbones joined the kids in Sunday School. The kids said they all had fun. I can just imagine what their conversation on the way home was like!!

We had our first days of 1st and 2nd grade this past week. What troopers they are! The first day, Dinoboy wound up in the wrong classroom but made it to Mrs. W's room okay and the 2nd day, Twinkletoes had to eat at the lunch table for "children with no lunch" because (as the directions indicated) I sent in a check for $45 for 20 lunches to her teacher. The lunchroom must not have had time to process all the new requests for lunch tickets and hence had these "special" tables for the kids. She survived. No big deal. Me, on the other hand, I am still having a hissy fit. I cannot believe the letter from the school indicating the teacher's name on it doesn't have her room number on it and that such special tables exist in the lunchroom. As if I would (ok my Mom would) send my child to school with no lunch!!!!!!!!

Things at work are there. I'm still struggling to keep afloat. I know that it will all come together. We have 3 returning employees for this school year (me included) and 2 newbies. The newbies and I are pretty much at the same stage of the game. I left so soon after taking my new position ... I hope I can get back up to speed asap.

Ok, I've taken 12 minutes to put these words onto the computer. In the meantime, the kids are now in tears after bouncing off of the walls and presently I believe Twinkletoes is hurt. Could she have been running around without shoes on our bare floors? Oh goodness - now SweeTart has joined the crying club. I must go see what the heck is going on upstairs before I start to cry with them. Give us all STRENGTH. Goodness.

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