Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Thinking Aloud ...

Amazing my excitement when I found this on our photographer's website last week.  It's our family!  It's our summer photo session - ok - some people think I am over reacting about it but I think it is sooo cool.  Our pictures came out good enough to use for promotional purposes?  Holy cow!  I am amazed - I am humbled - I am downright excited as heck!  I always thought I had the cutest kids on the block and the most beautiful family but our photographer thinks were hot stuff too.  LOL 

Had a great weekend.  Saturday we went out to dinner at a fabulous steakhouse.  SweeTart made it almost to the end ... she started having a few minor meltdowns before Dinoboy had a wrestling match on Sunday so we missed church and Sunday school but were able to have a relaxing afternoon afterwards.  The kids were excited because the Husband was going on an overnight trip to the John Deere plant in NC on Monday and supposed to be coming home today - a quick trip.  Yesterday, Mother Nature had other plans though.  After waiting patiently in the airport for a few hours, their flight to NC was finally cancelled due to the poor weather conditions.  Better safe than sorry!  I am not sure who was more excited to have him home last night: the kids or me?  (I am pretty sure it was me!!)

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