Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three short list items for January

Hey there - I have decided that I have three other short list items for January.  They're easy:  1) no slouching - literally - sit up straight, tummy tight; 2) use my DEMY and 3) use my crock pot more often, for something more exciting than chili or taco soup.

Sitting up straight is just a given.  I often find myself slouched over, hands in front of my belly like I'm in pain or something.  Not true.  Just comfy.  But I am sure that I can be just as comfy sitting up straight, with correct posture.  I can only benefit from it in the long run and I don't look like I was just punched in the stomach either.  Win/Win situation.  Now to implement it .... starting .... now.  If you see me slouching, remind me please.  (Thanks to my loving husband for often pointing my slouching out!  Keep up the good work and keep me in line, please.)

My DEMY is an electronic cook book whick links up to a personal account on  It is very cool.  With, you can either search their site for user input recipes or you can enter your own recipes onto the website.  You create your own personal "cookbooks" however you want to arrange them.  I think so far, I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails.  I don't have many of my own recipes entered but I did hi-jack some recipes from a recipe site which gave Weight Watchers point information for each of the recipes.  Its just a matter of deciding what to include and doing it.  Using the DEMY is easy but that means I would have to PLAN dinner.  Something I'm not very good at.  I guess that could go on my list for next month.  I will have to put some thought into that one.

Lastly, my crock pot.  I love the crock pot.  I am clueless on how to best utilize it's convenience.  I've only made a few things in the past few months in it and they've generally resulted in either chili or taco soup.  Nothing over the top - nothing crazy - nothing .... different.  I have my eyes peeled for good crock pot recipes.  Does anyone have any to get me started?  Using the crock pot during our busiest nights (Mon, Wed and Thurs) would be a Godsend ... although Monday is taco night at our house and any type of deviation from that gets me in a world of trouble from DinoBoy.  Let the crock pot recipe search begin ... resume ... continue ...

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