Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I need to know:  How do stay at home mom's do it?  I was home yesterday with SweeTart.  I know I should have showered at my normal time but didn't - before I knew it, SweeTart was awake, it was time to get the school bound kidlets out of bed and ready for their day.  Then ... SweeTart and I took a ride to JoAnn's to get stuff that we need for the guests we're expecting to come Trick or Treat with us on Sunday.  Then ...  a quick trip to Costco to use the gift membership we redeemed over a month ago.  Then ... home to try to get the girlie girl to take a nap.  Saw Hubs for a few minutes while he stopped home to grab lunch, spoke to him about Twink's need for glasses and going to order them when she got home from school ... sat with SweeTart for a few minutes trying to get her to settle down and relax for a nap ... took a ride to a separate store to get salad stuffs because we don't need as much as Costco was offering (plus there was someone in my way @ the store and I couldn't get down a few aisles) ... chatted with a friend for a few minutes in the store while SweeTart was running around like a crazy woman ... finally convinced her to get into the back of the cart and only got her to sit by telling her if the monsters couldn't see her above the cart, they couldn't "get" her ... went home ... got the kids off the bus ... assessed the homework situation ... packed everyone up to go to pick out frames for Twink's glasses (WAIT ...guess who is now asleep on the couch??) ...carried sleeping SweeTart to the car only to find that Twink is no where to be found because she is upstairs crying because I reprimanded her for having an "oops notice" (forgot her homework) ... in our house, we have been stressing over the kidlets being responsible for their schoolwork ... ok, get her in the car, pick out the glasses (calling the girls out of gymnastics on our way,) text SIL to see if she can cut the kidlets hair at her house which is right around the block from the eye doctor's office ... get DinoBoy and Twink a hair cut ... catch up on some of the family gossip that I generally don't hear because it breaks my heart that they just can't freaking get along! ... went home, pulled homework back out, tried to get something on TV to appease SweeTart, started dinner ... I am exhausted thinking about it. 

Luckily, my Prince Charming came to my rescue and came home from work.  After biting his tounge about me forgetting to take the guacamole out of the freezer, he helped and he cleaned up 100% while I helped Twink with her language arts homework.   I am not quite sure where I lost control, I think it was somewhere between SweeTart trying to color on the computer screen or Twink whining over something that I cannot even recall but I totally lost my cool at 8:10 p.m.  That would be when I sent Twink to her room to do her 20 minutes of reading, until her bedtime at 8:30. She had definitely done something to piss me off then told me "no" when I told her to go to her room to read - she kept coming back at me with she would go up at 8:30 when it was time for her to go to bed.  Really?  She is 8.  I thought I told my kids when to go to bed?  No worries, Prince Charming took care of that too.  Somehow, we managed to get SweeTart upstairs (amid her telling everyone they're meanies and they're going to get a time out) and into bed.  Our bed.  Again.  Not just because she has stuff all over her new toddler bed from me cleaning out the closet but because she HATES her toddler bed and refuses to sleep in it. 

Super Nanny was back in action this morning at our house - we missed her yesterday and hope that loverboy gets out of the hosptial soon!!  We need her tons more than she needs us!!

Anyway, my back hurts, my Hubs is tired of sleeping with the 2 y.o. as much as I am so any advice, Dear Diary, is most appreciated. 


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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It IS tough to be home but I wouldn't have it any other way! Each day is more exhausting than the last but we get to spend time as a family (I homeschool all 3) and that is what's important!!

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