Monday, October 18, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationships

After doing a very stupid thing yesterday, I thought that I would outline my most frequented love/hate relationships before telling about how I screwed up majorly ....
  • Exercise:  This kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?
  • Inlaws: (I love to call them outlaws)  There are many that we love ... many that we ... okay - hate is a strong word .... disagree with often. 
  • Drama: that the outlaws thrive on.
  • Calliou:  love that SweeTart LOVES him - hate his voice!!!
  • Fantasy Sports: Love that my hubs loves to play each and every fantasy sport he can; hate when he makes bad calls and loses!
  • Kids who don't listen: okay, this is mostly a hate relationship but I do love my kids!
  • Clutter:  Love to feel surrounded by my stuff; hate that I am overrun by it!! 
  • my IPHONE:  This is where we come into the bit about my stupidity.
When I got my new Iphone I was thinking of myself as being very cutting-edge and since I don't have my "own" Ipod, I was killing two birds with one stone.  I needed a new phone but wanted an ipod.  I debated and went back and forth - I had pro lists and I had con lists.  When my other phone took a crap and started acting funny, I went ahead and ordered my Iphone. 

I had done my homework.   I priced, repriced, researched and gathered knowledge.  I found out that I could use Hubs' ipod and have a "home" account for us.  I could have all that was on his ipod plus so much more! 

I have had the phone for about 2 months.  Yesterday, because we had some time to kill after breakfast but before the birthday party we were going to, I decided it was finally time to get Tunes on my Iphone.  I hooked it up, I tried to sync but I needed to make a choice, set up new or restore from Hubs' iphone.  Sounded like a silly question.  I don't want a new account - I want what he has:  RESTORE.  A warning came up - are you sure?  Yes, silly, I am sure.  CLICK.  In one swift click of my finger, all of my apps, videos and photos went into CYBERSPACE and are subsequently ... GONE.  The cute pictures I took of the kids outside last week?  Gone.  The wonderful video I took of SweeTart singing "itsy bitsy spider" and yelling at her grandmom to "go home" in the middle of it?  Gone.  All fo the great pictures I took when Hubs and I were in Disney a few weeks ago?  Hasta Lavista - GONE. 

Now, of course, I didn't notice this right away which makes it all the worse ... a better building block for proving my stupidity yesterday.  When I logged into FB on my phone I was scrolling through statuses and I even asked Hubs, why am I seeing so and so's status, I am not friends with them?  (He is.)  Oh, look, I am logged into your account.  (This came when I "restored" from the Ipod since his Ipod is linked to his FB account.)  I logged out and logged back in.  Ahh, better.  My friends.  Welcome back. 

Hours later, same scenario, different account.  This time it was Yahoo that I was concerned about.  Where is the last email from my sister that I was looking for?  Not here - wait - none of my emails were around.  Again, log out from Hubs account, log into my own.  Another sigh of relief.  Next, reload Scrabble and Lexolous so that I can continue my games. 

Wait, I got a missed call from one of my best friends while we were out.  Why didn't her name come up?  Oh jinkes, my contact list is GONE.  Absolutely LOVELY. 

After going to two different parties and deciding we were too tired to cook, we ordered take out and I went to get it while Hubs was sitting with SweeTart watching the boob tube.  Wait, first let me grab my phone so that I can transfer all of these cool tunes from the Ipod into the hard drive on the van.  I grabbed the necessary USB cable,  my purse and the phone and headed outside.  Only to discover that there are NO TUNES on my phone.  I still have no idea how this happened. 

I won't have time tonight to figure out what happened. Not tomorrow night either.  Maybe Wednesday?  Do any of you know how this happened???  Maybe I should have done a little more research or goodness forbid, read an instruction manual!  


Momma Z said...

HAHAHA...I like that post. Love hate...I am definitely in agreement w/the Calliou- Cute yet whiny.

Samantha McGladden said...

You really tell a good story. I was hoping to you would give some scrapbooking updates. Are you going to post any soon? Scrapbook Page Ideas
Best Regards,
Samantha McGladden

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