Monday, December 26, 2011

Exciting Week!

I am preparing this post ahead of time - so that it will hopefully post without a hitch! 

I hope that your Christmas was spectacular!  I can tell you that ours was crazy (even before the fact!)  We host Christmas Brunch at our house at 11 a.m. for my side of the family.  Hubs' side has dinner planned ... at 2:00 p.m.   I think we may be a little late!!  We'll see.  I'm still running behind schedule for my wrapping so fingers crossed that it all got finished in time and everyone was happy!!

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The Christmas Tree @ Wilderness Lodge 11/11
This week, I am featuring a guest post series about a first trip to Disney!  My friend Ali Z. and her family took their first plunge to the World during the first week/weekend in November. During our NJ Teachers Convention weekend.  Our schools shut down for two days (generally the first Thursday and Friday of November) so that the teachers can attend their annual convention which takes place in Atlantic City 

Their cast of characters were:  Mr. & Mrs. Z (both teachers!), their 2 sons who are 2 and 4, and their inlaws.

Since we are a little freakish about Disney, I thought it would be cool to have someone else give their perspective on a Disney trip, especially a first trip.  Disney can be overwhelming (even to veterans)!  Disney can also be loads of fun and have many special *magical* moments.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday week and these next posts by my friend!

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