Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post: First Disney Trip (Final Post)

Time to go.  Mixed feelings-- we were excited to actually get home bc we were exhausted and had to work on Monday. But of course Disney magic is great!

Of course it was not without stress that we went home.   Got back to the hotel checked out bags in but due to a snafu on the part of my DH's names we had to check our bags ourselves in the airport.  AGAIN not really getting the full effect of the Magical Express.  They ALMOST loaded our bags onto the wrong magical express bus, too.  FAIL on magical express. I am the crazy lady who ran out of the hotel screaming "that is our bags dont' load them up"...We were apologized to like a million times, but it woudl have been ugly if I didn't have super detective skills.

Airport good.  But at the last minute they changed our gate so we had to move. THEN the US AIR debacale. 

We are ready to go (again our faults for booking a later flight since boys were cranky and had a stinky diaper right at take off).  We are moving to our seat and realize that ALL of my family's seat were double booked.  So I have my 4YO, 2 YO and DH and I without seat.  My parents were willing to give up their seat for us and stay the at Orlando Airport knowing that we had to get home.  But the stewardess (well one) decided to "remedy" the situation about 20 minutes into the boarding (my son is hysterical because he needs a diaper change right now and my other son is sitting alone next to some stranger.  So the stewardess says ok 2YO boy sits here, 4 YO sits here, You sit here and DH sits here.  ALL SINGLE SEATS.  So in essence, this lady's remedy is to have my 2YO sit next to a random person.  ARE YOU NUTS???  My DH lost it--the other passengers--thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.  They moved themselves around so at least me and my 2YO were together and my DH and 4YO were together. 

So again MORE WAITING and finally we were able to take off 30 minutes into boarding.  I had to diaper change my son while we were "supposed" to be buckled in bc he was hysterical.  But he survived too--thanks to lots of gummi bears and my Iphone for his videos. WE MADE IT HOME.  With a story to tell.

In SUMMARY---I am sure you are NOT still reading this though.  :)
We were slightly disappointed in our trip.  I guess when you put your trust in something like Magical Express, travel agent, there thing you can't anticipate to happen....we also didn't expect the magnitude of the people there.  I know it was supposed to be crowded but with youngin' like mine I just was stressed the entire time about losing them.    BUT, we LOVED it at the same time.  My son's expressions, the memories the pictures, the videos.  Its worth another trip.  But we'll do it OUR way next time.

My DH has sworn off planes and we basically "decided" that next time we go we will drive ourselves, stay in the resort for the bussing (which we liked), and drive back. 

Grading scale-
  • Dining Plan-  B     EH-  again, we waiting just SOOO long at Rose and Crown it was just not worth it.  To do it again, we may just do counter service and book our own character thing one time.
  • Disney Photo Pass A+++ -- I am an avid scrapbooker.  It was worth it all.  For that great family shots.  And great memories to boot.
  • US AIR  F F F  never again.
  • Flame Tree BBQ  A+
  • Rose and Crown C -- see above.
  • Caribbean Beach B- -- too many bus stops and waiting. GORGEOUS though.  Perfect for couples and adults.  Kids, not so much.  I would have preferred to stay at at the value resort or some kind of theme.
  • Magic express-  C -- they almost lost of our luggage and due to a typo on my travel agents' part (and us showing tons of id's to prove the mistake) they would not take our bags and again LOTS OF WAITING
  • Favorite ride-- Toy story mania and Jungle Cruise
  • Favorite place- Hollywood Studios (Jedi Training was a super big event)
  • Disney staff- A+++++  They were super accommodating and nice.  I just think if I was in another lifetime I would totally work there.
  • Disney's rules for handicapped-- My mom needed a wheelchair mid way thru the trip.  It was unreal how much they accommodated her and us.  Kudos to them for that.
  • Disney's magic on my life-- A++++  -- my kid's are still talking about it and they want to go back.  So all is not lost.
So we are finished with the trip.  Positive thoughts now will always be in my mind.  Praying that we can go again and do it differently....our way.  We are going to try out the Disney Cruise next I think. Although right now--I am starting to mentally prepare myself for the epic DISNEY VACAY scrapbook.  :)
Thanks for reading. 


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