Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's not Thursday .... yet

Tomorrow is. Tomorrow is the big day ... our 20 week ultrasound. This will be a fetal atanomy scan and we should be able to tell tomorrow if we'll be welcoming a new little sister or new little brother into the family. Hopefully all goes well.

Yesterday, the Husband attended an awards dinner at the Governor's Mansion. The kids and I went to wrestling practice. Somehow, I think I drew the short stick. Although, practice went well. DinoBoy made one of his friends cry by accidently hitting him in the face. It's wrestling. It is bound to happen. For the most part, the coaches have their hands full. I give them a ton of credit for stepping up to the plate to teach these young guys the sport.

Tonight, Twinkletoes and I are home while the boys are at practice. She and I get to enjoy watching the SNOW fall ... she just called me over to the front door to tell me to look out the window to see how "sparkly" the snow is. The she showed me how small her winter pjs are on her. As long she's not complaining, I'm okay with ordering new ones tomorrow. A coupon card for the Children's Place came in today's mail. How appropriate.

So much for my dinner planning. I planned dinner for tonight on the way home from work, while listening to Oprah. That is a special treat for me since it seems that I haven't been leaving work while Oprah is on lately. I planned spagetti and meatballs. Wow - everyone was mighty impressed with me. I did, though, pick up chicken for tomorrow's dinner. So, that will be a big surprise for everyone. Hopefully, I will be able to leave work at a decent time again so that I can cook and have dinner ready when the husband gets home. No practice tomorrow night - it will be nice to eat like a family again. We'll see how it goes.

So Oprah was talking about Mitch Albom's book - darn now I forget what it is called - One More Day, maybe? That is the gist of it anyhow. I've read it and she is sponsoring a tv event of the book on 12.9.07. All of the people on today either had to do with the movie, the book or were touched by the book. Basically, if you had one more day to spend with someone: who would it be? What would you do? Why?

I'd love to spend another day with my Dad - as I'm sure many of you who've lost a parent would. It is hard, at the holidays, with everyone missing him so much. I'd love to show him how his grandchildren have grown and how they love certain things like he did -- being outside, reading books, watching nature programs on the boob-tube, their love of christmas... Its amazing how alike they are. And stubborn - they must get that from him too. To see if he really is laughing at us having a third kid, when it is all we can do to try to raise the other two. Just to be able to tell him that I love him one more time -- it would be priceless.

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff. I just heard from CH and her little monster just pooped on the potty. The kid isn't even two!!! Close, but hello, DinoBoy wasn't 4 until he finally did it on a regular basis.

Ok - check this site out. Its fun for Christmas.

Have to run and enjoy quiet time with Twinkletoes!

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