Friday, December 7, 2007

The Results are IN!


We had our fetal atanomy ultrasound with at Dr. Fischer's office yesterday. Our appointment was for 11 a.m. True to form, both the husband and I arrived early - about 20 til 11. Not wanting to waste any time, we went right in - hoping at the very least to be called on time. There was only one other girl in the waiting room when we arrived. We checked in and waited. The other girl in the room got called to the back. Around the same time, a girl came from the back and sat in the waiting room. Now there are two of us. Waiting. The husband finally pulls a Sports Illustrated from the magazine rack and we begin talking college football. Another girl arrives for her ultrasound appointment. Its now about 11:20. At 11:30, the third girl (last to arrive) gets called back by the U/S tech. Ok - now I'm annoyed, taking way longer than an hour that I told the boss I'd be gone, so I go up to the front, asking how much longer they thought our wait would be. The woman at the front desk got so frazzled and realized that the technician had taken the last girl instead of the first girl (of which I was neither) and went to talk to the tech. I told the other girl in there that I will be mortified if the receptionist comes out with the girl who just went back - and she did!!! She actually took someone out of a room and brought her back out to the waiting room. And proceeded to take the girl who had come out of the back to have her u/s first. Oh lordy. I was so embarassed. I apologized to the girl who had come out - telling her I really had no intentions of them bringing her back out. I just thought they might push through a little quicker or have the doctor begin to do ultrasounds - something - anything to get us out of there. We were finally called to go back around 11:40 - yikes!

Everything seemed to be routine - the tech was nice as pie - just as she was the last time. She took lots of pictures and measurements and told us that the baby is definitely a girl. We had more than one clear shot to make sure. Of course, the husband's response to that is "we can just try again". Okay - whatever - we'll cross that bridge when we get to it (hoping that we'll have a five or six bedroom house by the time that bridge arrives!) After the tech took lots of pictures, loaded us up with extra copies of the facial profile to give to the kids she told us to hang tight and the Doc would be right in to see us. She didn't make it seem like there was anything out of the ordinary.

Dr. Fischer is even nicer than the tech. They must give kindness lessons at this particular doctor's office. Dr. Fischer tried to keep the conversation flowing - asking me and the husband a million questions while he was now doing an ultrasound on my belly. Just as he was getting ready to tell us everything is "okay" and good luck, the tech came back in with her pictures and they whispered a little to each other. Hmmmm...what is going on??

Well, Dr. Fischer explains that when the tech measured the baby's kidneys, there appeared to be more fluid on one than the other (a smidge above what they called the baseline) and that concerned the tech. Dr. F. indicated that while he was performing his part of the ultrasound, he did not see these measurments present. But the tech had pictures of the measurements so seeing the film is believeing. He explained that while in utero, this will not affect the baby, and he was probably not seeing it because the baby had urinated either while we were waiting for him or while he was performing the u/s which alleveiated the excess fluid on that one kidney.

He also asked that we come back for another measurement at 34 weeks (St. Patrick's Day) when the baseline for the fluid in the kidneys increases. If the fluid on the kidney still exceeds the baseline, we'll just have to be extra cautious after the baby is born because this fluid could be a predictor of or cause a kidney infection? I'm still not 100% clear on what the implications are and he certainly gave us no cause to worry about it but - it is what it is. We'll go back on St. Patrick's Day for their first appointment of the day and then we'll know more. (the husband is secretly hoping for another look at the genitals - just to be sure that she's a girl. too funny!)

But the ultrasound itself was a funny thing to see. This baby moves around like there is no tomorrow. No one can really feel her yet but me, but she is getting stronger and bigger every day so it's just a matter of time before everyone else can begin to feel the kicks and jabs that I get pretty much constantly (and yes, I've began laying off of the caffeine). She wiggled and squirmed the entire time during the ultrasound. At one point, she layed with her feet crossed, like she was laying down watching the boob tube. Shortly thereafter, she had one leg pulled up behind her butt like she was doing hurdles. Tim swears he saw her give him a sign with her hands. I must have missed that but at least he saw how much she moves. Now I don't feel like I'm losing my mind - completely. Yet. But I'm sure that it is going to happen soon.

Have to run. Time to start the truck and will be getting on the road shortly. Enjoy your weekend!

PS - the color in this text is all screwey. I don't have time to fix it before I leave - sorry if it hurts your eyes!

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