Monday, March 24, 2008

I survived!!!

Easter is over and I survived without going into LABOR! That is always a plus. Additionally, no one got sick from my cooking. Seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves and the egg hunt (which boasted a $20 golden egg this year - wowzie!) and some are even coming back for more punishment tonight in the form of leftovers. Might as well get rid of them any way I can, right?

Saw the OB this morning. Quite a visit. It was my first internal exam since the beginning of the pregnancy. Yes, I'm still pregnant. I am, however, starting to thin and am currently 2 cm dilated. Of course, I could be 2 cm dilated for the entire next four weeks. I think the doc was concerned with the effacement. I have another appointment next Tuesday at 4, after work. Will let you know how we make out ... either before or after the appointment! ;-)

Have a great day.

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