Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where did the week go?

It's almost the end of our spring break - and I feel like it hasn't even started yet!! It is nice to be sitting here in my PJs at 9:15 in the morning but .... the kids are just eating breakfast now -- it will be a while before we're fully "in gear" to get moving. We have a lot of errands to run, maybe throw in a trip to the library for fun, and I have taxes to review and complete. Sounds like a day you wish you had, doesn't it???

Yesterday, I took Guinness to the vet, worked on taxes and took Twinkletoes to her gymnastics class at 4:30. Dino Boy played the Wii for a while, vegged out in front of the TV and wouldn't budge until we went early to pick Twinkletoes up from her playdate with Fully. He then played outside with the girls on the trampoline while I finished putting a set of taxes together at Fully's kitchen table.

Gave the Nanny the day off today. She's got more important things to do. Mommom is coming "home" from the nursing facility today. She'll be coming to my A. Kyle's and U. Jack's - for an undetermined amount of time. The Nanny is pretty excited that she's finally leaving the home.

Still no baby. :-) The Cryocell box is stashed out in the car - just in case. After I figure out what to pack in my overnight bag, I will throw that out there too, just for good measure. The less I have to remember when it is finally time to leave for the hospital, the better. I do not have a very good track record for remembering things these days. Ask the husband. He'll probably tel you I have the worst case of pregnant brain he's ever seen!!!

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