Friday, March 21, 2008

It's almost Easter

Almost Easter. Geez. Somehow that seems impossible. See: Easter was the timeframe when we told the kids the baby would be here. It was always "after Easter" because in September they really have no clue when "april" really is. It was just easier to use another holiday that they would recognize. And, it's almost here. Goodness help me now!

We had an appointment with the fetal specialist on Monday who let us know that everything is going perfectly. The fluid on her one kidney now measures 6.6 which is less than the benchmark of 7.0, so there is no need to put her on antibiotics after she is born -- for her kidneys anyway. By measuring her thigh bone and putting it into some type of equation, they were able to estimate that she was weighing in at approximately 5.13 lbs at that point (35 weeks). Twinkletoes was born at 36 weeks and weighed in at a nice 7.8 lbs. So, seems that the baby is a little smaller than Twinkletoes but as long as she is healthy and we have a somewhat easy delivery, it'll all be good.

Speaking of the baby - a quick thanks to my friends and family who were able to make it to a dinner to celebrate the baby's arrival the week before last. They called it a "diaper dinner" and she got all kids of neat stuff, including lots of diapers that I cannot believe I'll be changing again soon!!!

Easter: dinner is here. Egg hunt is here. I have to go to the grocery store today to make sure that I have food for the crowds. I'll bet you that some won't even eat! But that is how things go around here. No big deal. I try not to have too much but when you've got 5 families to feed, how do you know how much is really enough?? I ordered filled Easter eggs for the egg hunt. Lazy, yes. Practical, even more so.

I'm sure that I won't update this blog again before Sunday - so please have a happy and safe Easter. I'll be sure to update after Sunday so that you know I've survived!!! ;-)

Happy Easter!

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