Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Franklin's Halloween - A book review

Just in time for Halloween!  I was asked by the publisher to read and review this e-release, Franklin's Halloween: A Classic Story.

Released again, in a digital format, Franklin's Halloween is a tale that will not disappoint your little ones.  My preschooler is three.  She loved this book.  We received a copy via the publisher on Netgalley.com.  We were able to download it into our Ipad,, using the Bluefire reader.  The graphics were wonderful and the story was classic Franklin. 

We loved reading about Franklin picking his Halloween costume and following him to a Halloween party with his friends and family.  All of our favorites were included - Beaver, Fox, and even Bear (although we later learn Bear was sick!) My little one loved the Haunted House scene and enjoyed picking out the different details in illustrations.  She did, however, point out that the party was missing a pinata.  Maybe next time?

Thank you for this opportunity to review one of our favorite childhood characters this Halloween.  You can pick up your copy from BN.com, Amazon.com or another of your favorite ebook sellers.

Note:  A digital galley of this book was received from the publisher via NetGalley.com.  No compensation was received nor was I asked to provide a favorable review. 

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Nekky said...

The book sounds good. I'm teaching some little kids English here in Europe, this book sounds like what I can read for them.