Friday, October 21, 2011

Zombie Church - A book review (Tyler Edwards)

Welcome to the blog tour for Pastor Tyler Edwards, Zombie Church (Kregel Publications, October 2011)! Believing there is a way to breathe life back into the church, Tyler Edwards highlights and challenges the problematic attitude of today's believers. Written for the discouraged, disenfranchised, and anyone unsatisfied with their same-old church routine, Zombie Church is an accessible, humorous book that challenges readers to turn away from Spirit-draining (or life-draining) habits that stop them from achieving a full, fulfilling life in Christ. For all of us who have ever attended First Church of the Frigidaire, Edwards' book will be warmly welcomed. It is a fair-minded and tenderhearted critique. . . . This novel lens of zombies allows the reader to see afresh the desperate need for awakening in the church. -Mark Moore, PhD, Professor of New Testament, Ozark Christian College Kregel Publications is sponsoring a $50 giveaway! To enter all you have to do is send a tweet (using @litfuse) about Zombie Church or share about it on Facebook, your blog, GoodReads, etc...! If you tweet we'll capture your entry when you use @litfuse. If you share it on Facebook or your blog, just email us and let us know ( Easy.

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What I thought:  I though this book was very, very interesting.  I was raised Catholic and have since all but left the Catholic church in favor of something ... something that I thought was missing.  I found my husband's Methodist Church to be welcoming and breathing. 

Recently, our Pastor spoke of the situation Pastor Tyler Edwards points out in Christianity - the Walking Dead - but our Postor didn't quite say it the way Pastor Tyler does.  A problem in the Church of people coming to church or finding reasons to not worship with a church ... it is seen everywhere and our Pastor pointed out that the "christians" are the problem, as does Pastor Tyler. 

This book draws a wonderful parallel between Christians who are just "doing Church" and not "living Church."  It also gives details on how to ensure that you and your congregation are not among the living dead.  Check out these chapters - then pick up a copy of the book - and decide for yourself if you are among the Zombies within a Zombie Church.

Chapter 1:  Warning Signs
Chapter 2:  Infected
Chapter 3:  The Transformation Process
Chapter 4:  The Symptoms
Chapter 5:  The Undead Heart
Chapter 6:  Lost Soul
Chapter 7:  The Rotten Mind
Chapter 8:  Zombie Strength
Chapter 9:  The  Disease Spreads
Chapter 10:  Zombie Community
Chapter 11:  Awakening the Undead
Chapter 12:  Searching for the Cure

Note:  I received a free copy of this book, for review purposes only, from the Litfuse Publicity Group.  I was not expected to provide a positive review but am pleased to present one here. 

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I am giving away this book on my blog this month, and I would appreciate if you would share this link with your readers. Thank you!