Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Thankful.

With all of the hubbub during the past few weeks, I haven't found the strength nor the time to prepare a blog post.  That isn't to say that I don't have a lot to say - I have plenty - and I have book reviews that need to be written and published.  I've been reading a ton to keep my mind elsewhere ---

In the beginning of January, we placed our house on the market.  I am happy to report that it sold.  We had it under contract in 15 days.  We hit a few snags in the road to our new house - which we'll settle on in mid-March - with a seller who is losing his shirt (or at least his undershirt) in that sale because he bought at the top of the market in 2005 and is selling in a recovering but not yet overinflated market.  I think we're giving him a fair price for his home.  It's been on and off of the market since 2010, so I'm taking a gander that he just wants to be done with it now.

I am going to miss our house.  Our "big green house" as Sweetart tends to call it. She is confused when we ride by the new house which is conveniently located less than a mile from our current house.  When I tell her we are going home from somewhere she wants to know which home she is going to:  the big green house or the new house.  I wonder how long we'll think of it that way:  "the new house."  I wonder how long it will take for it to become home?

We're leaving behind 12 years worth of us in our house.  Our fence.  Our playground. Our patios. Our flowers and trees.  Our neighbors.  Our new kitchen!  The blood (skinned knees and having babies counts,right?), sweat and tears that went into everything we've transformed our little cape cod into for the next young family.  Our family is now older, wiser and bigger ... in need of just a tad more space for the kids to play without wanting to choke one another.  (one can dream, can't she?)

On another note, our twin nephews arrived safe and sound on Tuesday, February 7!  Both boys, Mason and Dalton, are still in the hospital but are doing better and better each day.  As of last week, all IVs have been removed from them, although they are still receiving nourishment from feeding tubes and are still hooked up to all kinds of bells and monitors that watch their breathing and heart rates (and probably much more than I could even begin to imagine.)  So my brother and sister in law have had their hands full with their almost four year old and the addition of these two little ones who have yet to come home.  I had the honor of meeting them last week when I was off from work on Friday.  I even got to hold little Mason for a long time!!  (He slept the whole time and is ever so precious!)  His brother, Dalton, got to sleep in his isolette while he was having a bottle fed to him through is feeding tube.  *UPDATE* Both are now off of the feeding tubes and amping up to come home! I am so excited!! 

Basically, this post comes to this:  I'm thankful that the boys arrived into the world safe and sound.  I'm thankful my sister in law was able to deliver them without any complications and is doing fabulous!  I'm thankful that our house sold quickly! and we'll be moving in two weeks.  I'm thankful for the support of those who have listened to me moan, groan and cry in the past few weeks.   Thankful for my husband who supports me even when he thinks I am totally off of my rocker and for my mom who listens no matter what.   Thankful for our beautiful children who are growing used to the idea of moving and I think are even getting excited about it -- they're helping build my excitement too!  And, I'm thankful that my Kuerig hasn't taken a crap on me in the last few weeks - I've really needed that morning coffee!


Cookie’s Mom said...

It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for! Good luck with the new house.

Visiting from the vB Hodgepodge event. I hope you have a happy Kuerig supported day. :)

Tara - said...

Wow, you have had a lot going on! All sounds wonderful. Congratulations on so many happenings!

I remember moving from our family's 1st home, the home we brought both of our children home from the hospital to. When we moved they were 6 and 4 (we also moved for more space!). We've now been in our "new home" 5 years this March. Ever since our move the kids try to calculate the next time we will move, it's quite funny hearing their logic. Although we still own our "old house" and have a lot of memories there, our "new house" is "home."

insomnia said...

You have so much to be thankful for, a new house and being an Aunt. A house becomes a home quickly. Enjoy your new place and your new nephews.
PS. Thanks for dropping in to visit my blog, Jill

Pam said...

But just think of all the new memories coming around the bend.

Pam VB

Val Curtis said...

First, yeah for morning coffee! How exciting to move into more space. The 4 of us feel wedged into 1400 sq ft! Especially during the winter months. Someday we will add on. Yeah for your new nephews too. Hope those sweet babes find their way home soon soon soon. Exciting time ahead for your family...thanks for sharing and for stopping b Mental Chew.

Army of Moms said...

Moving is such a chore but ALWAYS worth it. It will take time for the kids to start calling the new house home but the important thing to remember is "home" is where ever you all are.

Kristina said...

Moving house is never easy, but it's nice that you're in the same neighbourhood, so it still feels a little like home:) Enjoy the bigger space,

Heather said...

When I was young we moved several times, always out of state. I remember the excitement of things to come with each new place, but I also remember the sorrow of saying goodbye to old spaces and then the pure weirdness of new spaces. Soon enough it all settled down and the new home simply became home. Bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless. Enjoy the new place! So happy you had time to share this big step in the midst of madness!

Anonymous said...

Those all sound like really awesome things to be thankful for. Congratulations on the new house and the nephews :)