Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9, 2010: Loving his Project (seriously)

What started off as one of the worst school years in the history of our household, has dramatically turned around.  Our DinoBoy has become a History Buff!  He loves watching A&E, The Military Channel and any other channel he can get his hands on to teach him about US History.  Seriously, I think this kid knows more about American History, particularly the first and second world wars than I learned in 2 years of US History in HS and an additional year of US History in college.  His brain:  a sponge - absorbing all the little facts that are fascinating to him.  He is currently learning about the wars in his 4th grade social studies class.  His project, due on Monday, is to create a poster which will make the people of the US feel good about a particular time in one of the wars... he chose that we won the Battle of Midway.  (Please ignore all of the toys everywhere --- concentrate on the kid doing his homework. Willingly.)


Stephanie said...

LOL! Great pic!!!!

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