Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday ...

Wednesday?  That's it?  I thought for sure when the alarm went off this morning that it was Saturday and I would be able to wake Hubs up and go back to bed for a little bit.  Wishful thinking, eh? 

Things are moving right along here.  Still not ready to invite the realtor to the house to have a "look see" - which works out well since rumor has it he is enjoying sunny skies and warmer weather in the Sunshine State.  I have a ton of stuff ready to list on eBay as well as 43 items between the two seller accounts I have (one for scrapbooking and one for other stuff), I am hoping to get more stuff out the door in the next few weeks.  I need to get photos taken and items listed.  So far, I've used the eBay $$ to:  pay for a private lesson for Twink, swim lessons and a gymnastics session for SweeTart, Winter Workout for Dinoboy and two months worth of laundry soap, diapers and wipes.  Oh yeah, don't forget the all day ski school with lunch and rentals for the older two.  Not too shabby, right?  It makes me feel good that the funds are "going somewhere" rather than just being spent recklessly or aimlessly. 

Over the weekend someone on the site lent me a book called "SparkPeople".  I thought that it was just some new fad diet/weight loss book -- *I did request it, no one sends you things that you don't request* -- and I found that it is linked to this whole new wave of "healthy living" and a website.  (surprise, surprise?)  I joined.  It's free.  I'll see what I come up with.  If you're looking for me there, my member name is CoffeePls2011.  Someone else has already donned my CoffeePlease name and I wasn't allowed to use NeedCoffeePlease for some reason.   I'll let you know what I think of the site when I have had more time to check it out, in depth. 

On Monday, I used a recipe from Once A Month Mom for a chicken macaroni bake.  Yummy.  I did something to it which dried it out (convection cooking maybe) or maybe I didn't follow the recipe to the "t", improvising a little and not measuring correctly -- but the entire casserole?  Gone.  I ate the last of it today for lunch.  It was delicious.  Today, I added green beans right to the noodles.  Delicious!  I might make it that way next time.  (If you are not familiar with Once a Month Mom, stop what you are doing and head over there ... now.  It is a wonderful site!  And Tricia is making loads of great, new changes to the site in the weeks to come.  PS - a wonderful guacamole recipe too!  I will never, ever purchase guacamole again.  It is way too easy to make and much better fresh!!) 

My lunch breaks have been filled with fretting over our upcoming Disney trip and how we'll eat while we're there.  Decisions, decisions, huh?  I think I've finally got something mapped out and the ADRs made but they'll only stand if we decide to go ahead and purchase the Disney Dining Plan while we're there.  Especially the reservation that I made for Fulton's at Downtown Disney - expensive?  A little.  LOL  Also have been trying to figure out a plan of where to stay before and after the Disney Dream cruise in November.  We're hoping to add one day to the beginning of the trip and two days to the end of the trip so that we're not travelling on cruise beginning and end days and the weekend.  Plus, I think Hubs said the airfare for the five of us is significantly less if we travel Tuesday/Tuesday.  Still plugging away on that one.  Has anyone ever done a land/sea tour @ WDW/DCL before?  I'm very interested to hear your opinions.  (And, Legoland will be open in Orlando by then! I'm pretty sure that will be a must do.) 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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