Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - cheap Kindle book recommendation!

I did this a few weeks ago, and I can't remember what day it was on but I saw this book on today and think I'm going to be picking it up.  The review of "LOL Funny" and "a funny, quick read".   There were also reviews with "threadbare plot" and "typos" but know what?  It's 99 cents.  I've thrown way more than 99 cents worth of fresh, yet yukky, vegetables out of my fridge in the past ... day or so.  What have we got to lose?   Let me know if you pick it up or not. 

PS - here's another 99 cents one that got ho-hum reviews.  :-)


Anonymous said...

I like the veggie analogy--true, SO true! I've got the lettuce to prove it!


Heather said...

Oh, if only I had a Kindle or the attention span to eRead!!!

Trend Setting Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog hop!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

My hubby has a kindle & downloads all sorts of free books. He's one of those people that will read anything, though, so once he's read all the free ones, then he'll start buying them I'm sure.