Monday, April 18, 2011

A Book Review: Frost Moon

From the publisher:

Her Magic Will Get Under Your Skin
Her Story Will Fill Your Imagination
Dakota Frost's Enthralling Saga Begins . . .
In an alternate Atlanta where magic is practiced openly,where shapeshifters party at the urban clubs and vampires rule the southern nights like gangsters, where demure witches sip coffees at the local cafes and mysterious creatures command the dark caverns beneath the city, Dakota Frost's talents are coveted by all: She's the best magical tattoo artist in the southeast: a SkinDancer, able to bring her amazing tats to life. When a serial killer begins stalking Atlanta's tattooed elite, the police and Feds seek Dakota's help. Can she find the killer in the dark fringe of the city's magical Edgeworld? What kind of enemies and allies will she attract among the powerful outcasts and tormented loners, who see her as a threat, a seduction, an unexpected champion . . . or as delicious prey.
FROST MOON is Book One of the SKINDANCER fantasy series by debut author Anthony Francis. Filled with unforgettable characters, spine-tingling action, scenes of sheer wonder, kinky rebellion and edgy love, FROST MOON is storytelling at its most classic, and Dakota Frost is an irresistible new star of fantasy fiction.

This book was a pleasant surprise.  If you're into shapeshifters, mystery, and magic, this book is definitely worth your time to read.   The characters are unique:  vampires, shifters, witches, intertwine their magic and mystique with the "real" world.  Magical tattoos, a subject I've never heard of before, was very intriguing.  Add a serial killer into the mix, and you've got a great story.

A lot of attention was spent on describing the alternate "Atlanta", which I dare to assume is based on the "real" Atlanta, that I know nothing about.  I am not sure if someone who is more familiar with that area will find the attention to detail in the description of the locale an important part of the storyline, but since I am not familiar with the area, I thought the time could have been better spent with the storyline.

That being said, I enjoyed this book.  I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars and am anxious for the 2nd of the series to be released.

I was given a review Kindle copy of this book by the Publisher.  I was asked only for an honest review of the book, and am pleased to provide a favorable one.  

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Heather Muzik said...

I agree with you that profoundly regionally specific works can alienate readers from a story. This is not really my type of genre, but since I am familiar with Atlanta I am kind of interested in the setting of this one--then we can compare notes.