Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I'm reading ...

Blue by Lou Aronica - picked it up on the Kindle last week and it is a pretty good read.  Dealing with a child of divorce and her interaction with her parents as well as an "imaginary" world that she and her father invented before the split up, while she was undergoing treatment for lukemia.  Half way through it and I do have to recommend it already. 

The kids and I have an unexpected "down" day today - Hubs scored tix to the Flyers game this afternoon.  I need to finish putting all the food we got grocery shopping this week into the freezer.  I am trying to make some 'semblance of it all -- would like to have "meals" to go to in a few weeks.  Putting a pork roast in the crock pot today, trying out a new recipe from Once A Month Mom.  (I've said it before and I will say it again, if you haven't checked out Tricia's site, you need to - it just got bigger and better at the beginning of the month! You won't be sorry you did!)  Once A Month Mom  They're doing a giveaway over there too.  Very cool - I hope you win if you hop on over and enter!! 

I also have to get the taxes done.  Pronto.  Next week is a busy week and weekend.  Maybe we'll have a new nephew??  The weekend will bring a fundraising dinner Friday night.  Little League Opening Day on Saturday as well as a gymnastics competition an hour and a half away.  Sunday is SweeTart's THIRD birthday ... can you believe it??  Amazingness!  We survived.  LoL

And eBay - Oh how I am starting to hate thee.  I thought I had found a great customer who was just getting into CTMH business in FL and was buying a bunch of my stuff.  I had already shipped her a gigantic box of stuff and she bid on about $40 of stuff for a different "batch".  Guess what?  She flaked out.  I'm so bummed.  It is the first time I've had to open a "non-paying" case against someone whom I've dealt with before.  13 items or was it 14?  She now had unpaid strikes against her.  I hate doing that.  I emailed her so many times.  And the first item she won with this batch?  A month ago. Since then, not a peep other than bidding on something new.  Sux.  But the show must go on and more stuff went up online today.  More scrapbooking stuff.  Bunches of stamp sets, some in lots.  We'll see if selling this way works out for me ... it's a definitely a crazy chance I'm taking but one that must be taken nonetheless should I want to move this stuff out quickly.  Anyone know of other online selling sites besides craigslist that I could give a spin? 

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Gillian said...

Good luck getting it all done, and thanks for the book recommendation.

Newly following through the Relax & Surf Sunday Hop!

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Brandy, April, and Amanda said...

Good luck with the taxes. That's always a down day in our house. That's horrible about having to open and Ebay claim but it's a good option they have to help cover those things. Good luck on the nephew!

Hopping in from a Sunday hop. Love for you to stop by as well (in all your spare time haha).

Momma Z said...

that happened to me a bunch of times on Ebay and I don't even sell much on there. But going thru Ebay is really a good deal though bc its a 3rd party tracker!! So good luck!

Anonymous said...

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