Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Constantine Codex - A Review

From the Publisher:
A shocking discovery throws Harvard professor Jonathan Weber into the international spotlight---and could change the way the world sees the Bible. While touring Greek and Turkish monasteries, he finds an ancient manuscript that includes a lost ending of Mark and a 67th book. When the codex is stolen, Jon races to recover it---before it's lost forever!

Renowned church historian and novelist Dr. Paul Maier revives the beloved character Dr. Jonathan Weber (Skeleton in God's Closet, and More Than a Skeleton) to envision the lost ending to Mark...and a Second Acts. His seamless inclusion of canonical history into the suspenseful tale ensures readers come away with a greater understanding of the origins of Scripture and the lengths to which early Christians went to ensure the continuation of the gospel story throughout time.

Aside from fascinating details and engrossing storytelling, The Constantine Codex includes an open, rigorous debate between Dr. Weber and a moderate leader of Islam that should serve as a worthy example for real-world engagements.
What I thought: 

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure what to think when I started this book.  I was thinking more along the lines of the movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark or National Treasure ... while the Constantine Codex was not like either of those, it did not disappoint.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves espionage, a little cultural debacle,  and who doesn't mind learning a little bit more about the Holy books of all religions in the meantime.  (Not a lot - but enough to make it interestng.)  Once the book got going, I found it hard to put it down. 

I was asked to do this review by Glass Road Public Relations.  They tipped me off to Net Galley and the availability of this book there for my Kindle.  I was only asked to provide a review, but am pleased to provide a favorable one. No compensation was received for this review. 


Kathy said...

I might check this book out, I love mystery and a chance to learn anything, however little always makes me feel less guilty when I pleassure read!! Thanks for a helpful review!

Columba Lisa said...

That sounds fascinating! I love historical fiction. I just always worry that people are going to think it's true, if they don't read the blurbs on the back, etc, lol!