Thursday, May 10, 2007

2 weeks and 1 day left...

...until the husband and I leave for Jamacia! I am so excited. We're going back to Negril, where we were married 8 years ago. How time flies! While were there we'll be celebrating our anniversary, my birthday and the beautiful santuary that the island of Jamaica has afforded us on our previous 4 trips to the country. Most of all, we're leaving our cell phones on vibrate (we have kids and families who might need us, you know) and we'll check them (Ok, I think that the husband might need to leave his in the US) whenever we get a chance to #1 get out of bed or #2 get back to the room.

We decided to go back to Negril on a whim to get away from the pattern of life we've set up for ourselves which is pretty demanding. The husband is knee deep in busy season of his own business and we've got (I admit it, it was all me) both kids enrolled in two sports each for the spring season: competitive Tball and Lacrosse. We really don't even have time to play with the three dogs at this point because we're always running ... somewhere. How can you resist a picture like this though?

I took this on our trip 3 years ago, for our 5th anniversary. Almost looks like a postcard doesn't it? Its nice to realize that our trip is so close ... especially when I'm going to need a gallon of coffee to get to all the places we need to tonight ... the son has LAX pictures at 6:00 in one direction which directly conflicts with the Tball game he and his sister should be arriving to at exactly 6:00 as well, and the icing on the cake for tonight? I AM snackmom at Tball. Hello? How do people with more than two children do it??? Its a question I'd like to know the answer to before I make the final decision on whether or not to go for a third!

I can do it. I will do it. I can do it.


Just pass me a cup of coffee.

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Anonymous said...

That is exactly, exactly, how life is with children and more than one animal!!! That was hysterical! (in a good way). Hopefully, things have calmed down for you now-you will forget about this incident because another one will happen. Anyway, the third child put me over the edge, but of course, I can't imagine life without him!