Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday, Monday

Did you ever just have "one of those mornings?" Today, I am having one of "those" days.

Yesterday I went with the Husband, his sister and the HS niece to the WMMR-B-Q at the Tweeter Center at the Camden Waterfront. For those of you not familiar, WMMR is a local rock n' roll station in our Philly area and the WMMR-B-Q was the "opening day" of the Tweeter Center's summer concert series. While a number of local bands graced the stage from 1:00 on, the fun really started when Fuel took the stage around 6:30. They rocked!! After that, Evanesence played. They were really good - not really my style but okay in a pinch - then -- after their scheduled start time of 9:30, Velvet Revolver took the stage! Amazing!! I can die a happier person now, having seen Slash from Guns N Roses on stage. We didn't stay for the entire performance -- it was a really long concert (and hey, I'm 34 now - not 21 like a lot of those drunk people there yesterday) and we had kids to pick up and we had to get to work today (even though the grand master of ceremonies, Pierre Robert (a disc jockey at MMR) gave us all the day off today).

It was a good show and there were plenty of new experiences for us -- our people watching skills get sharper and sharper with each show we attend -- this was our niece's first "show". She got to see fat ladies in bikini tops, she got to see the fat lady in a bikini top bare her breasts, she got to watch the same fat lady roll and smoke a joint, she got to see a skinny young drunk girl go into the restroom for over an hour then leave while she was still "green" - we can only imagine that she had either been puking the entire time or she passed out praying to the porcelain god. (I cannot knock that - been there plenty of times - but ... I'm not touching that one). I think that the Niece will have a great time at the Fall Out Boys concert in a week or so and hopefully the experience will be vastly different than what she saw yesterday!

On Saturday, we ventured to the movie theatre to see Shrek the Third -- cute. Has a low point about an hour into it but it picks up after that to an ending that the kids enjoyed. The theatre that we went to began playing this particular movie at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and played it every half hour until after dinner. I cannot imagine there were that many people who want to see Shrek, but we were nerdy and went to a 10 a.m. show, so I guess the do it to keep people like me happy! (thanks!) After the movies, we had lunch with the Husband, headed to the store to buy a present for the 7 year old nephew -- which he loved because it was a NERF GUN with suction cup darts. Not something I'd necessarily buy for my kids, but since he asked for it -- and since the kids played with him all day yesterday -- and the guns (he got multiple for gifts) I'm sure they'll inevitably hit the "wish list" for their birthdays this summer.

A special thanks to the Nanny Extraordinnare who pitched in yesterday to feed the dogs and let them out! I had to text her after 6:00 when we were still at the concert -- with no end in sight -- asking her to do that HUGE favor for us. Maybe next time, I'll check out the concert info before going and locking the dogs up! :-) I can't imagine the mess that would have been all over the house if we had left them for over 11 hours -- caged and otherwise but with no food or way to get outside ... whew, I don't even want to think about that! Anyway, thanks - you have no idea how much we appreciate your help, especially on your "days off".

Time to wake up and maybe have a cup of coffee -- something has got to help. I'm awful tired and its not a good way to remember how old I am!

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