Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mid-Week Sunshine!

Helllloooooo - you'll all be happy to know that I took a stand last night and even though we ran from Tball to LAX, I had the Palentologist tell his coach 45 minutes into practice that he had to leave. It was 7:00 and since I'm in running for "mother of the year", having only fed my kids a granola bar and an apple on the way to their Tball game at 4:45 (dinner), I felt it was just "right" to take the kids home and feed them dinner. Who cares if it was just a pizza that I ordered on the way off the field and who cares that I fed them water ice and a bag of mini-muffins before we picked the pizza up (because it wasn't ready yet by the time we got there) ... they were tired and hungry. So we went home, had dinner, did homework and went to bed. I cannot imagine how hard it would have been to stay the extra hour at practice then get something in their bellies, do homework, get them settled down and into bed.

Guinness went back for his check up and had his bandages replaced yesterday. Dr. S. says that he should be okay by Monday to come back to have his stitches removed. Hopefully he can survive another week with his "halo" on and his bootie every time he has to go outside. The mites that he has are "demodex" and have been present on him since he arrived in January. Some dogs have immune systems that are able to fight these off and some don't. Hopefully with the treatment that he's currently on, we'll go back for a recheck in a month to see how he's progressing and to ensure that the medicine isn't damaging his other organs. (lovely, right?) So many things have been wrong with him from the very beginning but ... we're troopers! He's so loveable and so smart - why wouldn't we try to give him the best? Keep your fingers crossed that he won't require long term treatment and after his foot gets better he'll get stronger and be able to fight them off!!!

Tonight we're only scheduled for LAX practice for Twinkletoes. But, they're predicting severe thunderstorms to hit our area anytime after 4:00 p.m. -- maybe we can get the Palentologist a new pair of sneakers (which he really, really needs!) while its raining out! The weather today should be beautiful up until that point ... we're all so loving being outside. If we could just control the pollen all over the cars, we'd be set. I'm tired of sneezing!

Have a wonderful day!

PS - My new coffee has not arrived yet!

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