Friday, May 18, 2007

A good mom?

Ok, the forest fire is under control and the weekend is promising the coastline, and hopefully the Pine Barrens, a bit of rain during the first part of this weekend.

I got a call from the Nanny Extraordinnaire yesterday advising me that the Palentologist has a hole in one of his sneakers. She asked him if I knew that he had a hole in his shoe. He answered her honestly and said "Yes, she knows. We just haven't had time to go to the store yet to get new ones." With LAX on Monday, Tball and LAX on Tuesday, a storm on Wednesday and here it was Thursday with another LAX practice pending at 6:30, and a Tball game scheduled for Friday night -- Saturday was looking good for going shoe shopping. After I told Nanny Extraordinnaire that he was telling the truth, I started to feel guilty. I am running these kids (not to mention myself) ragged with playing two sports, I'm not even making time for the bare necessities. After I arrived home after giving myself a hard time all afternoon about these shoes, I decided that the weather looked weird (maybe another storm or just rain coming) and that we would skip LAX practice and just get this kid the shoes that he needs. At some point I've got to "step up to the plate" and just be a good Mom.

When I called the husband and told him, he was a little taken back because I was moving off of my "stay the course" track and making a pretty large deviation by letting the kid skip practice - what about the "team"? So, at 5 o'clock, we head for the shoe store - we get there get shoes for both kids and head out. Making good time, at 6:00, we're back in town and at the McDonalds so that the kids can eat on the way -- we can still make practice. We arrived in a timely fashion and there were only a few other kids on the field. In the hour and half since we had left our house, the temperature had dropped from the mid 70's into the low 60s. I did not have warm enough coats for myself and Twinkletoes to sit an hour and a half through practice. I looked at the Palentologist and asked him if he wanted to go to practice or if he wanted a night "off". He said that he wanted to go home. Needless to say, I was happy with this decision, and off we went. The Husband is still astounded that we were at practice and we left to go home without even venturing out of our truck. Once home, what do you think the Palentologist did? Went outside to practice LAX with the dogs, of course! How ironic!

So, having a crappy day at work yesterday, I email my sister to tell her that I am very stressed and I am needing to go to Jamaica before I have a nervous breakdown. Part of our email conversation went like this: ME: I've already packed my ziploc baggies and my bathing suits. HER: because you'll be wearing the ziploc baggies AS bathing suits? I thought it was pretty comical and gave me a great laugh for the day. I meant that I have the baggies packed with all of our under 3 oz. liquids and gels so that we can carry them onto the plane and the bathing suits are in my suitcase waiting for next Friday ... It really can't get here soon enough.

Looking foward to a wonderful weekend of shopping with the kids -- have our nephew's birthday party on Satuday afternoon and a very cool concert to go to on Sunday. Hope your weekend is fantastic as well...enjoy!

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