Sunday, February 24, 2008

After the snow

OH I GIVE UP!!! I just had my entire post done - went to highlight the entire thing to change the font size and blip - away it went. No commands can bring it back. I've tried I have to settle for trying to recreate the entire thing! UGH!

Ok, after the snow, and I'm the only one who hasn't uploaded her pictures yet. Bad Mommy. The way I figure it, I'm pretty lucky that I even took pictures anyhow. The way it went on Friday was like this ... school was cancelled for me and for the kids and the husband was out working. The kids had breakfast and got dressed in all of their snow gear -- only to be put outside in the RAIN. yuk. They definitely made the best of it, playing outside for over an hour until I called them in to dry off and warm up. I was afraid their fingers might fall off from playing so long in cold, wet gloves. They did get to play outside again, after the mess from the sky had basically let up, in the afternoon - when their Dad got home and took them out front to clear the driveway and the walkway. A fun job for them!! Then they even built a snowman out front, behind the pear tree. Maybe I'll take a picture of it today since it is still standing. :-) Of course, they came in crying and pouting because they (he) wanted to play outside for longer even though it was getting dark out. Next year, I'll be sure to get them proper "snow wear" and "snow gloves". Maybe their Dad will teach them how to ski next year so they're not bumps on the log at the lodge with a cup of coffee and a good book -- you know, like me!

Yesterday was my SIL's baby shower!! It was very nice. Unfortunately, although planned well and in advance, they had to call her and tell her that it was her shower and where and when to show up. Why?? She is sick!!! Of all the days to have to get a pregnant butt out of bed and put on a happy face -- man oh man. I give her a lot of credit. I doubt I would have been as gracious and pleasant as she was if I felt like crap! She got tons of stuff!!! I remember our first baby shower - we needed a trailer to get all of the stuff home. It was an exciting time though!! Now, its funny. Although we're excited, bringing a ton of stuff home to our house for the baby isn't appealing. We've got way to much stuff in here now!! I've definitely got to declutter.

We've got a new high chair in the living room, right next to the new stroller and infant seat. In the foyer, a box of clothes that we bought at the store last weekend. In the hall upstairs, the box holding the travel swing. In the kids bathroom, all of the bedding and the mobile to match Twinkletoes' room. Now there is just the simple issue of making room for the baby. In the living room, in the toy room, in the bathroom, and her bedroom (Twinkletoes' room). Why am I so unorganized? Lazy I guess. Even though I get 100 messages a day from the Fly Lady on what to do to get my house organized, I simply click and delete without giving them a second glance. Maybe I should really open them, read them and give them a spin. Only 15 minutes a day from what I understand. I'm sure I spend at least that long yelling at my kids (which I've probably already gone over that timeframe this morning.)

Ok - GD is somewhat under control. Met with the nutritionist on Tuesday. She gave me a bunch of options other than what I was doing wrong (and right) so I think that we're gonna be okay. This will also, I'm sure, help me out with losing the "after baby" weight. Bring on the OBX (Yes, we're going and I'm just kidding - I can't imagine that I'll have the baby weight off by the 4th of July!!) I go back to the endocrinologist on Tuesday for another "check up". Remind me not to have the "less sugar" oatmeal that I had this morning that drove my sugar through the roof. Can't imagine what the "real" stuff would be like.

Have a fantastic day!

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