Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm still alive ....

and, planning on going back next year for some reason!!

The weekend crop was fantastic!!! It was held at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City - not such a bad place!!! We had a one bedroom "suite" I guess is what you would call it. Living room/dining area, small two burner stove/kitchenette/with full fridge, one bath and one bedroom. Wireless internet access from the couch - pretty handy since my cricut was set up on the kitchen table. Food - good food and lots of it. Drinks a plenty - the kid-friendly kind for me (and Ocean City, which is a dry town). The girls got to have their margaritas, mom had her 7&7 and pina coladas - I'm sure Barb had something in her covered container too although I don't know what it was! I was up until after midnight both Friday and Saturday nights -- a big accomplishment for me. And, I was able to get all of my pictures onto pages that I took when we went out on the boat over Labor Day weekend with friends.

Good news = Mommom was released from the hospital into a "home" for rehabilitation. Big steps up these days. She desperately wants to go home but until she is in better shape, the answer is "no". I'm sure she only has so many days at this "home" that her insurance will pay for so she'd better hurry it up and get 100% better soon!

What else? I think that is it for now. Keeping very busy at work and at home - working for the husband. Getting all of the stuff ready for his financial statement compilation next week. Dino Boy is almost finished with wrestling and Twinkletoes starts her "big girl" gymnastics class next week. It's all good!

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