Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Day and Counting

Only one more day (ok, two if you count all of tomorrow) before we leave for our scrapbooking weekend. It should be a good time. This time, we're heading to an old hotel in Ocean City - the ladies running the crop indicate that there is only one 'old' elevator - hopefully it doesn't give out and I'm in line for a room on the 10th floor. Just my luck, 'eh?

Still trying to figure out which scrapbooking supplies to pack and which pictures to actually work on. I have a plethora of pictures that I ordered for last year's weekend crop but didn't get to work on. Then I went ahead and ordered an extra plethora (or two) of pictures from between then and now to work on. There is a recurring "beach" theme so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get a lot done since I will be working on all one theme. We'll see.

Last night we (the kids and me) went to my SIL & BIL's house. SIL cut Twinkletoes hair, just a little bit, to get the yukky stuff off the ends and to clean her up a little bit. I'm a bit perplexed about growing her bangs out. They're way past her bangs and we can sweep them up into a braid or pony tail or even barrettes but who wants to have their hair up all of the time (yes, it is me talking, the one who wore her hair up everyday for YEARS!) but eventually - all will be good. Just keep giving her vitamins and her hair will grow, grow, grow. Twinkletoes indicates that you can't take too much off because, you know, she is a gymnast!

The kids had a fantastic time playing with their aunt & uncle's dogs - they have Boston Terriers. 2 of them. A five year old and a one year old Dino Boy tells me. He can't remember their names - did he even think to ask? He might have just asked how old the dogs were. They're definitely a far cry in size from our Boxer boys! I had a hard time adjusting to calling the dogs "she" since we're so full of "hes" in our house. Then they had to play with the fish tank - turn the light on and off- touch the glass. I told Twinkletoes I'm taking her back later in the week with windex wipes to clean off where all of her fingerprints landed on the tank.

SIL & I had quite a few things to talk about - having pregnancy and a semi-crazy family (which so includes me!) in common broke the ice a little! Speaking of pregnancy - ok, she is due 3 days before me - and I know, it is her first baby, and I know, she is WAY taller than me - but her belly is TINY. I look like I'm carrying sextuplets compared to her. Her baby gets to grow up her torso while mine has been growing OUT of my body since day one. Not that I wish discomfort on anyone but Hello - can we get a BELLY going over there, please??!!! I teased her about it, not to worry. I'm excited about the kids being due at the same time.

They're waiting to find out the "gender" of the baby until it's arrival. She's so paitent. I couldn't find about any of my kids!! I needed to decorate - to buy clothes - to KNOW. I have no idea how she does it. They both have guesses as to what the baby is and it kind of seems like it is going both ways - changing with each ultrasound. :-) So they're still mystified, although thinking maybe a tech tipped them off. But maybe not. Maybe tech's just refer to babies more as one "gender" than the other. Who knows?

It's all good - it'll be fun to welcome another baby into the family. These babies will be #s 13 and 14 if I'm counting correctly. Its amazing that there are still neat names left to pick from! :-)

Happy Thursday!

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